7 Butt Exercise For Super-Toned Shape


Everyone wants to be in good shape but it varies from person to person. While men mostly focus on chest & arms, girls like to sculpt perfect buttocks so that they can wear those tight jeans and can roam freely. For a super-toned shape butt, you need good butt exercises.

1. Flutter Kicks


This exercise is best for developing a full, firm, and round butt. Lay down flat on the back on the yoga mat, raise your legs off ground to 45 degrees and push one leg up and lower down the other one. Repeat it as long as you can.

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2. Side Leg Lifts


This exercise is great for glute muscle. For this exercise spread a couple of yoga mats on the floor. Lay down on your side and lift one leg and then bring it down slowly.  Switch to the other side once you are finished with one side.

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3. Deep Squats


Doing deep squats can be good for maximum glute activity and can improve your flexibility & core strength. To perform this, take stance wider than your shoulder width. Now lower yourself down by keeping a neutral spine position. Increase the difficulty level gradually by holding a weight in front of your chest.

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4. Step-Up


This cardiovascular work-out is good for your glutes. You can perform it on char or on a platform whose height should be more than your knees. Step on a chair or platform by one foot, rise your body, and then take the knee of another leg up and then step down. After certain time, make it a little bit difficult by holding weights in your hand.

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5. Rear Leg Lifts


Kneel on a yoga mat on your knees and hands. Now lift one leg off the floor and after some time bring that leg back down slowly and then try with another leg. These exercises can be hard at first, may lead to cramps, and so make sure you stretch afterward.

6. Cossack Lunges


This exercise can give some serious workout to your butt and legs.  Keep your legs a couple of feet wider than shoulder-width and now shift your body weight to one side, squatting on one leg and keeping the other one straight. Hold your position for a second once you hit the bottom and then put your foot on the ground and raise slowly. Shift the total weight to the other side and repeat the same on the other side.

7. Glute Bridges


On a yoga mat, just lay down on your back. Your feet should be planted on the ground with the knees pointed upwards. Now raise your butt off the floor until your feet, backs of your shoulder, and the head is touching the floor.  Try to push your hips high as you can and squeeze the glute hard at the top. This is a good exercise for glute muscles.

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