8 Brilliant Skincare Products for Winters Under Rs. 499


In the winters, the skin demands pampering and extra care. One wrong step will end up putting up with dull skin and dry skin problems. We have planned your skincare shopping job a little easier. Here is a list of some effective skincare products for the winters that are not too heavy on your pocket.

1. Oriflame Love Nature 2-in-1 Cleanser Wild Rose


Replace your regular facial cleanser with this. You need to massage it on the face and then wash it or wipe it with a clean moist cotton pad.

2. Avon Nutraeffects Hydration Toner

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A toner can be a good hydrating agent as well. This toner is effective in balancing the skin’s pH levels after you use your cleanser. Avon Nutraeffects Hydration Toner is the best for keeping your skin flake-free throughout winter.

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3. Oriflame Essentials Moisturising Day Cream


Moisturization is an important part of the skincare regime. Oriflame Essentials Moisturising Day Cream helps keep the skin dryness-free for the whole day. You won’t need to reuse it.

4. Karite Buerre Pure Wild East African Shea Butter


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Shea butter is an important part of a winter vanity. Whether it is for chapped lips or for the quick-fix of very dry patches, shea butter always works effectively. It is little denser than normal lotions. For people with dry skin, it can definitely be a savior.

5. Olay Moisturizing Lotion


It is the best water-based moisturizer for the oily skin. It hydrates the skin without leaving any residue. The nice packaging from Olay helps make the lotion our most favorite.

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6. Votre Rejuvenating Body Butter Intense Repair SPF 15


For very dry skin, it is the perfect product. The best thing is that it comes with the SPF 15. So this is a win-win deal.

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7. The Body Shop Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm


The regular lip balms will not work on your chapped lips. Your lips would need some extra care. The Body Shop Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm helps moisturize the lips and also lightens the lip color.

8. VLCC Vitalift Serum


Before going to the bed, smear some VLCC Vitalift Serum on the face. You will definitely wake up with dewy glow. Serums easily get absorbed into the skin as compared to the moisturizers. This moisturizes the skin while erasing the signs of ageing.

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