7 Super Ways To Better Your Brain, According To Neuroscientist


As we get older, our brain also changes with age and our thinking ability and memory also change because of degradation of the hippocampal neuronal cell. Also, the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for memory & learning also decreases.  Neuroscientists believe that the mental ability of any person will be at its peak during its early adulthood and then gradually decreases with the age. But in the last few decades, neuroscientists showed that in adults’ brains the ability of neurons & neural networks can be modified in response to the new information they received and this is known as Neuroplasticity. Here are 7 ways suggested by the neuroscientist that can help to maintain your brain function.

1. Get mental stimulation


In various studies performed on animal & human models, scientists have discovered that the increased brain activities will stimulate the new connections in between neuronal cells and can also help in generating new cells & ultimately develop neuroplasticity. You can develop neuroplasticity by including some habits in your daily routine like reading books, solving puzzles or math problems etc.

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2. Do Physical Exercise Regularly


Scientific studies showed that doing regular physical exercise can increase the oxygen supply to the blood and thereby your brain function properly. It also increases the production of new neuronal cells & neuroplasticity. Exercise can also improve cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure and sugar level & also reduces mental stress.

3. Improve Your Daily Diet


Eating a healthy diet plays an important role in the proper functioning of your brain as well as your body.  People who eat a mediterranean food are less likely to develop dementia and cognitive impairment. This diet includes vegetables, fruits, almonds, broccoli, blueberries, nuts, fish, unsaturated oils (like olive oil), etc.

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4. Avoid Alcohol & Tobacco

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you should avoid all forms of tobacco products as they can have negative effects on your brain as well as on your body. Drinking excessive alcohol can also increase the risk of dementia and one should avoid this.

5. Improve your blood pressure & blood sugar level


Increased blood pressure and blood sugar level in midlife can increase the chances of dementia in old age. Doing regular exercise and eating healthy food will help you to maintain blood pressure and body sugar level.

6. Reduce Body Fat


An increase in the level of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) also referred to as “bad cholesterol” can increase the risk of dementia. You can improve this, improve your cholesterol level by eating a healthy diet, doing regular exercise for weight control, and avoiding tobacco intake.

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7. Care For Your Emotions


As our body and mind are interconnected, therefore our thoughts and emotions can impact our brain. Anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, stress can affect your memory functions in a negative way. Maintaining an active lifestyle and taking restful sleep can improve your brain health.

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