4 Tips to Lose Weight By Walking Every Day


Earlier, it was very common to see people walking briskly and jogging in the park in the morning during Sunrise. Parks and pavements were fully occupied by people trying to lose their weight. In todays’ scenario walking is being avoided by most women. Parks are very less crowded than they used to be with health freaking people in the morning. Majority of people these days prefer going to the gym and hitting the treadmill in the gym for losing their weight. Walking in the park is now an old school thing for many people. Walking can help us shed kilos if done in a right manner.

Nowadays life has become so busy that we hardly find any time for physical activities. Majority of people spend the daytime sitting in one place. Walking is being further reduced since the day people started shopping through mobile phones and getting everything delivered at the doorstep has made people lethargic.

We can further keep a check on our weight with these following tips.

1. Taking long strolls

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If a person doesn’t like to be occupied in the gym and the workout doesn’t motivate him anymore, he can simply rely on walking. One can step out for a relaxing walk near the house or in the park. By taking long walks one can improve stamina and the daily performance. If the office is situated at a walking distance, then a person can easily go to the office by walking and skipping the auto whatever takes him to the office. Person can also go for a soothing walk after having dinner.

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2. Walk along with kid to school


If a kid has school nearby, you can walk along with your kid to the school. Instead of wasting money on the school bus you can directly walk along with your kid to the school. Doing this a person will burn his calories, also he will get fresh air in the morning. Any physical activity in the morning keeps a person active throughout the day time.

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3. Prefer a walk to do shopping

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When you visit the market to buy the grocery or other things of the household, do not go for the car or public transport. Though walking can take a lot of time, it is good in other ways for a healthy body. In this way a person will save his expense on the conveyance.

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4. Go for a healthy walk


For a month, people can easily stick to the brisk walking schedule. But after a month’s time when a person has gained enough stamina, he can invest his time in power walk. A power walk can easily be done for three times in a week or even more if a person can take out some extra time from his daily schedule. A power walk burns 400 calories per hour, through which a person can easily lose much weight without even thinking of hitting the gym.

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