Top 4 Exercises To Lose Arm Fat Easily


Fat in our body mostly gets saturated in the belly, chest & arm region. Because of this, you will feel hesitate to wear a sleeveless top or dress. Flabby arms is a body condition where excessive fat gets deposited around the triceps maybe because of aging or hormonal imbalance. Resistance exercise is the most effective way to cut down the underarm fat as well as strengthen, tone & shape your muscles. One must follow a healthy lifestyle so that excess of fat cannot get stored in arms. Cutting down calories and reducing sugar content from your daily diet and you can reduce your arm fat. Also, try to include proteins rich food in your diet that will help you in building muscle and increase the rate of metabolism which will ultimately help you to burn more calories. Some common 4 exercises which will help you to Lose Arm Fat are mentioned below.

1. Weight lifting

To perform this we need a pair of weights.  But if you don’t have dumbbells, a bottle filled with water can work as an option. Stand firmly on your feet with shoulders width apart. Hold the weight with both hands and lift the weight above your head by keeping your arms straight. Now slowly lower down the weight, take a deep breath and lift it again above your head. 3 sets of 20 reps each daily will help you to Lose Arm Fat.


2. Push-ups

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The most common exercise having multiple advantages.  It requires immense upper body strength. Spread down your yoga mat and lie down flat on your stomach. Rest your hands on the floor with palms facing downwards and then lift up your upper body. Now slowly, lower your body till the chest nearly touch the ground. Now relax your knees on floor and now raise your upper body. Take a break and repeat the process. This exercise can work great for losing flabby arms.


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3. Biceps curls

A pair of weights is also needed to perform this exercise. Stand securely on the ground and your feet should be width apart from each other. Hold a weight in both hands and lift it by bending your elbow and then try to bring your arms near to your shoulder. After a few seconds lower your arms and bring down the weights. For best results do 3-4 sets of 15 to 20 reps each.


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4. Triceps dips

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For this exercise, you will need a sofa, bench, or chair and it should be 2 feet higher from the ground. Keep your arms behind and your back in an upright position. Keep legs stretched out in front. Now set at edge bending elbows at a 90o & lower down your body towards the ground. Unbend your arms & again push your body up. Perform 3 sets of 20 reps every day to reduce the arm fat.


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