Best Ways to Detangle Your Curly Hair Without Pain


Do you have curly hair? Don’t you get tensed after every hair wash or everyday in the morning when it is the time to detangle them. What do you think at these moments? Ohh, the hair battle begins. Yes this is the daily life problem with every female who is having long hair especially who has curly hair. The hair products used on the hair to style up them are the main reason of the tangling of hair and formation of knots in the hair strands. Don’t worry we have come here with various solutions for easy detangling of hair without harming them. Keep patience and scroll down to read our prevention tips.

Causes of hair tangling


Damaged or opened up ends of the cuticles can cause tangling of hair. When two strands of hair get intertwined by wrapping around each other it causes formation of the hair knot. Formation of multiple hair knots causes the tangling of hair. Silky and smooth hair are not prone to the hair tangles but curly hair or damaged hair are worst hit. Scroll down to know about the major factors which can contribute to hair tangling:

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  • Split ends
  • Heat styling
  • Wind blowing through your hair (natural wind or hair dryer)
  • Harsh hair care products
  • Massaging hair too hard while shampooing
  • Rubbing hair with a towel
  • Over brushing
  • Not brushing hair daily
  • Sleeping with your hair down

Tricks to detangle your hair

1. Use conditioner


Using conditioner on the hair is the most important tips for the good hair care. The softness and smoothness of the conditioner also eases the detangling of hair. Never apply conditioner on the scalp but spread it on the hair strands in downward direction. Apply it 1 inch away from the scalp. Leave it for 5 minutes, detangle your hair and then rinse your hair with plain water.

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2. Use detangling spray


Buying detangling hair spray is surely worth spending the money. It helps in reduction of the tension between the hair while detangling. Detangling sprays may be used on both damp and dry hair. Rinsing off the spray is not required. Shea butter is the major ingredient of spray which softens your hair so to make detangling easy.

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3. Spray water


Moisture can make ease the process of detangling. Moisture helps in removing the tangles without harsh pulling. Fill water in spray bottle and spray some water on your hair before starting combing them. Comb your hair gently and see the results.

4. Use wide- toothed comb


Always use wide toothed combs on your hair. Wide toothed brush or comb is always food on the hair. Detangling of hair is very easy with the use of these combs and brush. Additionally using wide toothed brush provides volume to your hair.

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5. Use the fingers


Before reaching out to the brushes or combs first try to make sections of the hair with the fingers. Never try to detangle your whole hair in one go. First divide them in sections to avoid the formation of multiple hair knots then brush or comb them.

6. Apply hair mask


Dry hairs are the major cause of hair tangling. Apply hair masks to make your hair soft and to nourish them. Hair masks provide the instant hydration to hair which keep them soft for long time.

7. Massage hair with oil


Apply oil and massage your hair on regular intervals. Oiling nourishes the hair as well as removes the dryness of hair and scalp, Hydration is mandatory for healthy hair. Soft and hydrated hair are easy to be detangled.

Additional tips


  • Practice brushing your hair before washing them if your hair gets tangled easily.
  • Use a lesser amount of shampoo on the hair strands as compared to the scalp.
  • Make braids as preferred hairstyles to keep hair in position and avoid tangles
  • Trim your hair every 4 to 6 weeks to remove split ends which give dry look.


  • Never rub your hair with a towel, instead use a soft cotton t-shirt to dry your hair in order to avoid tangled hair.
  • Make a gentle hair before sleeping. Never sleep open hair.
  • Avoid heating appliances on hair as they lead to damage. Hair damage obviously causes more tangles.

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