7 Night Time Hair Care Tips You Should Follow


Do you continuously dream of getting up in the morning with wonderful hair, a bit like bollywood on-screen characters in movies?  You can accomplish your wish if you can daily give some time to your hair just before bedtime. You can include these nighttime hair care tips daily to get luscious & strong hair.

1. Keep oiling your hair


Oils are natural moisturizers that can maintain your hair soft & shiny. It is also a good food supplement for your hair. Give a gentle massage to your scalp by using lukewarm oil. Oiling your hair at bedtime will provide enough oil absorption time. Don’t forget to shampoo your hair the next morning.

2. Apply serum

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If you don’t like oiling your hair or you don’t have time to massage your hair then using serum can be a good alternative. This dense elixir will make a coating around your hair strands and will help you to reduce frizz and also to treat dry hair. Take some serum in your palm & apply it to the lengths of your hair and make it concentrated at the ends. Don’t apply on hair roots as it makes your hair appear greasy.

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3. Apply Vitamin E 


You should include vitamin E in your diet for beautiful & healthy hair. Vitamin E capsules are easily available at the chemist’s shop. You can use it as a supplement or can also be used topically. Remove the oil from the capsule in the bowel and mix castor oil in it. Now apply it to your hairs especially at ends. It’s a good remedy for split ends.

4. Brush your hair before sleeping


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Brushing your hair before going to bed is a decent idea. This will make sure that your hairs get free from any knots & tangles. Also helps in rejuvenating your hair by improving blood circulation as we comb our hair from scalp to tips.

5. Tie up your hairs


Before going to bed make sure your hair is brushed properly and should be tangle-free so that to avoid the friction which can cause breakage and split ends. Make sure that don’t tight your hair too much as it can cause hair fall and sore roots.

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6. Do not sleep with dirty hair


It is advisable to wash your hair twice a week. Like our skin,  hairs are also exposed to environmental pollution, like sun rays, dust, dirt &toxic materials. Not washing hair regularly can block pores of your scalp wKeep-oiling-your-hairhich may lead to itchy scalp, dandruff, hair fall. Dirty hair can cause acne. So make sure your hairs are washed regularly.

7. Do not sleep with damp hair


Wet or damp hair is more prone to damage. While sleeping on wet hair can make them crumbled & crushed and that can causes hair damage and split ends. So make sure your hairs are thoroughly dry before going to bed.

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