Tips To Manage Body Weight in Women


As per Ishi Khosla, people have shifted their awareness from fitness to body weight. Talking about the ideal weight, it is calculated by the BMI or body mass index which is the ratio between body weight and height. For Indian people, the ideal BMI is 23. People with the different heights have a different range of BMI and body weight.

Body weight and BMI are the two tools for determining fitness and ideal weight. If you are falling in the correct BMI range but still have the abdominal fat, it really needs to be addressed. As far as obesity is concerned, people should determine their waist and that too the maximum circumference.

These days people are switching to sugar-free alternatives which is a great move but there are other considerations as well. Many people have sweet teeth and they just cannot resist eating the sweet that not only hampers the body but also adds weight. Following are the tips to lose on body weight in women:

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Always avoid refined sugar intakes called as the added sugar in coffee, tea, and other beverages.

If not avoiding it completely, try to limit the intake of sugar or reduce the sugar amount in the food.

Avoid eating desserts and sweets often. Consider it a treat for yourself in a way that you can indulge in eating them once in a while. This will help in getting over with the addition of sweet indulgence.

As an alternative to having sugary foods, eat foods which contain natural sugar such as dry fruits called apricots, raisins, and prunes, etc.. Besides, jiggery consumption fresh fruits are also improved alternatives.

Sensible extravagance in sweets food is favored to satisfy your sweet craving without further increasing the calories.

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