Nomarks Cream for Oily Skin Review


 Product Claims…

Nomarks cream has been enriched with many antioxidants and many natural actives. This product actually claims that it will make your skin clearer and glowing in just 4 weeks. Young Skin is highly prone to pimples. This is mainly because of higher levels of oil secretion and hormonal changes in the body. This cream prevents the occurrence of pimples. The company suggests the regular use of the cream for pimple free skin and for glowing fairness.

Price comparison…

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Actually, I bought it a long back. I took 25 gm of the product in Rs. 35 approx. It must have increased by now, but, the increase must also be reasonable. This fairness cream is purely natural and is highly very reasonable. I mean, it’s simply cheap in price. We spend hundreds of rupees in buying the most expensive make up products so, I guess , investing a little money on this ayurvedic cream is WORTH IT.

My Experience…

One of my friends suggested me this cream when I was very worried about my oily, dark and dull complexion. I started using this cream and I saw the results very soon. My skin started glowing and became shinier than before. I now look very appealing and beautiful that my husband also compliments me every next day. Now when my complexion has become fairer and beautiful, I have discontinued the use of this cream. But, I have suggested the sane cream to my other friends who have a little darker complexion and are annoyed by their pimples.

What I like about this product…

• This is actually an ayurvedic treatment cream with all the natural extracts. • It Works very effectively on skin pimples and acne marks • Highly Economical and very easily available in the stores

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• It has a Hygienic packaging. 

What I do not like about this product…

  • This cream does not have a pleasant smell. The smell sometimes becomes a turn off to use. Initially, you may be taken aback by its smell.

It’s only the smell which is unpleasant otherwise; this product has everything that you are looking for. You will the desired fairness and glow to your skin. Must have!!

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