5 Cute Love Stories That Aren’t REAL, But We Love Them Anyway!


Couples are made in heaven, but their love stories are written here on the Earth. But there are few couples who were made on Earth by some storytellers, but their love story seems to have come down straight from the heaven. Unfortunately, neither of the couple or their stories are true. But we love them anyway and secretly wish them to be true. Just like Romeo & Juliet, here are fictional love stories we love.

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? Rats & Meow (Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na)
The best representation of how a bud of friendship bloomed into a vibrant flower of love between two young hearts. They might not look like a perfect college romance, but right from the beginning of the movie, we could tell there’s something between them. Aditi and Jay are exemplary to an old adage, ‘You can find love at an unexpected place’.

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? Gautam & Meera (Cocktail)
Opposites attract! And this movie proves it to be true. Although fictionally, but the opposites Gautam and Meera fall in love with each other despite having contradictory personalities. Regardless of the fact that Veronica is much hotter than Meera and loves Gautam more than her, Gautam couldn’t help himself from falling for this shy Indian lady. Rest is what gives birth to this famous yet fictional love story.

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? Suri & Taani (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi)
This is a dreamlike tale of a nerdy man Surinder Sahni going to extreme lengths to woo his own wife. However, the story takes an otherwise turn when Taani falls in love with this Suri’s alter ego, Raj and ready to elope with him. Only at the final revelation does she realise that it’s her husband playing the part of Raj to make her fall in love again. Taani eventually falls in love with her husband, Suri’s effort and then it is happily every after…

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? Rahul & Aarohi (Aashiqui 2)
Sometimes, love can be the driving force that takes you places. Such was the case for Aarohi Keshav Shirke in Aashiqui 2. Her love for Rahul gives her a new life when she starts learning music from him. She finds her mentor and soulmate in the same person. Rahul Jaikar, though a drunkard, learns to become responsible, just to see Aarohi flourish in the music industry. He sacrifices everything for his ladylove, including his life.

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? Arjun & Jasmeet a.k.a Jazz (Namastey London)
Arjun took Saat Samandar Paar way too far for winning over his love and wife, Jazz. He went all his way from Punjab to London to bring his bride, Jazz, home. His love story is further complicated by Jazz’s British boyfriend Charles Brown who intends to marry her. Arjun is determined not to leave the town till he walks Jasmeet down the aisle to marry her love, Charles. Jazz realises her mistake and becomes a runaway bride to elope to her ex-husband, Arjun.

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