5 Famous Bollywood Celebs Who Bravely Fought Depression!


Depression means many things to many people, but for some, it becomes uglier by the time if they don’t find their way to fight it off. You might even have heard of many cases leading to fatal endings, but there is another way which is to fight this severe mental illness before things get worse.
Lying in a dark room, all alone, by yourself, will not make depression go away. Instead it will conquer the good parts of you, and give you disturbing thoughts, and eventually, everything will start to look bleak. Simple activities also start to feel like a humongous task to complete, with time crawling at its own speed.
Even few of our famous Bollywood Celebs were not been able to avoid the trap of Depression, but they opted for all the possible ways to fight it off and now they proudly encourage others to do so.
Here is a list of such 5 Bollywood Stars, who bravely fought Depression and came out in public victoriously to share their story, motivating others to fight as well.

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The amazingly beautiful dimple girl, Deepika Padukone has been through and came out victorious in her fight with depression. Last year, she bravely recalled her experience and how her family supported her during the journey of fighting off the downheartedness and misery she has been suffering through.
Today, now that she has understood the seriousness of this sickness, she supports and runs a foundation, ‘The Live, Love, Laugh Foundation’, helping people with similar issues bout off and creating a great awareness, help them emerge as winners.

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Feels like last year was the year of coming out clean about how our fav celebs have fought through the inexplicable phase of depression. Just like DP, Karan Johar decided to share his story of that painful phase of his life. Fighting clinical depression, unable to accept the fact of his father’s loss and the loneliness that he couldn’t share with anyone, made him suffer through anxiety attacks and depression all alone.
But now, years later, he has become a proud father of two amazingly beautiful babies, and is leading a happy life as a successful filmmaker, host, producer, and what not.

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Even our fav Bollywood Star, King Khan couldn’t escape from the clutches of Depression! SRK told in an interview that there was a time in his life, when he faced depression, right after his shoulder surgery. But he successfully got out of that ugly situation and is now happily leading his stardom filled life, with all the grace that he deserves to be.

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A few years back, Anushka Sharma openly talked about her journey of fighting from depression. She thinks, talking about such severe mental illnesses, makes it easier for the person suffering from it to fight it off without making life ruining or fatal decisions.
She says, if this sickness is biological, i.e. it runs in the family, then there is nothing to fear about it. Instead, fearing it will make the situation worse and the person might take irreversible actions to get rid of it. It’s rather reckless to not face the truth and suffer for the rest of your life. So, Anushka has taken the charge to teach people as much as she possibly can, about you can fight off and help others to fight the depression.

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No one could understand better the harshness of life than the Khamoshi actress Manisha Koirala! She has battled through many difficult phases of her life. From drugs to depression, and not to forget the deadly cancer phase, Manisha has seen it all. Even her ex-husband, Samrat Dahlal didn’t support her, that made the situations even worse for her.
Fighting her way through everything that life threw in her way, she is now happily endorsing for the people suffering from the same situation as hers, to help them understand, and giving them hope for a new and a better life.

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There are many people surrounding you, who are eagerly fighting depression every day, but cannot express their pain and sufferings. Help such people to fight odd this awful sickness, and make the world a better place to live in.