5 Things You Should NEVER Do While Applying Face Pack!


Face pack is an essential part of our daily skincare routine. Your at-home clean-up is never complete without a soothing face pack. There are countless of benefits face pack have for us. But when not done right, face pack can turn the tables towards you. While face packs are really useful for your skin, but there are some common mistakes that we make to reverse the effect of the face pack. Come, let’s know what these common mistakes are.

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1. Applying ONE Face Pack All Over the Face
Sounds weird? This means you haven’t heard of the term multi-masking. Have you ever noticed that every part of our face doesn’t have the same type of skin? Some people have oily T-zone and dry cheeks. Some have acne problems only on cheeks. So, it would be very rude of you, if you slather the same face mask all over the face. Use a different face mask at different areas of your face. For example, on the nose, use a blackhead targeting face mask. For your cheeks and chin, use a hydrating mask and for oily T-zone, you can use clay masks.

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2. Applying the Wrong Face Mask
Not all face masks are going to do good for your skin. It all depends on the type of the skin you have and the purpose of the mask. If you have a dry skin and you’re using a clay mask, then don’t expect any wonder. You will make your skin even drier and patchier. Choose the formula that works well for YOUR skin type.

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3. Using Your Hands to Draw Out Face Mask from Tub
Don’t use the fingers to draw some product out of the jar. Use a spatula or a spoon instead. This way, you’re going to contaminate the whole jar of product. This can lead to its expiration before time.

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4. Using Fingers to Apply Face Mask
Do you dig your fingers into the jar of the face pack and then smear it on your face? If yes, then drop this habit at once. You’re just putting more and more bacteria on your face. Apply the face mask using the face mask brush.

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5. Leaving the Mask on for Too Long
Keeping the face mask on your face for too long isn’t going to prolong its benefits. It can actually damage your skin and make it prone to dryness and flakiness. Wash your face pack before it starts flaking.

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