5 Underrated Tv Shows On Indian Television


Nowadays, if you switch on your television you can find a bunch of serials with the usual saas-bahu drama making tv an idiot box with no original content. In the last ten years, some amazing shows came on the screens but didn’t get the appreciation that they deserved and soon went off the air. So, here we are sharing some underrated tv shows which deserved more love.

1. Rishta.Com

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The story of the matchmakers who were funny in a brilliant way and were also honest in their conversations. This pair gained very few fans and the show was ended too soon.

2. Mahi Way

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Mahi Way came out on television nine years back. And trust me, this serial was damn funny and empowering too.

3. Powder

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Such amazing content like these didn’t get the appreciation that they deserved. This story had the best story, amazing actors and not to forget the best direction too.

4. Ek Packet Umeed

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The plot of this serial was about a bunch of ladies who were abandoned and frustrated by the society, came together and form their own family. This story shows how these ladies make their way towards the empowerment and independence.

5. P.O.W- Bandi Yuddh Ke

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This serial is the most recent one which has some power-packed performances with lots of suspense. No doubt that this series was brilliant.

So, these were the few underrated tv shows

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