Bollywood Characters We Love For Their OTT Reactions


We all love Bollywood movies. Don’t we? But what makes these movies so special apart from great storyline and amazing lead characters? Well, these are the extra Bollywood characters which make our movie watching experience better by their OTT reactions. Without them, Bollywood movies would not have reached the place where it is right now. No one can forget Circuit from Munna Bhai MBBS and Sweetie from Kal Ho Na Ho, these characters just made our watching experience fun.

There were few characters who acted slightly bad but still, we love them all.

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Here is the list of over dramatic Bollywood characters we all love watching:

1. From the movie Dhoom- Ali

From the movie Dhoom- AliImage Source: filmibeat

The Bollywood character Ali from the movie Dhoom is the character who made everyone laugh with his over the top reactions and comic acts. Ali’s character has been a very important part in all the series of the movie Dhoom.

2. From Munna Bhai MBBS- Circuit

From Munna Bhai MBBS- CircuitImage Source: co

In both the movies, Munna Bhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Circuit has been a very important character. Arshad Warsi has played the role of circuit very well in the movie and no one can forget this Bollywood character for his humour and over dramatic expressions.

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3. From Kal Ho Naa Ho- Sweetu

From Kal Ho Naa Ho- SweetuImage Source: mensxp

Sweetu’s character played by Jasprit Kapoor in the movie Kal Ho Na Ho is the best known for her OTT reactions in the movie. For everything happened in her life was a BIG DEAL for her and she always thought that her life is a disaster. And how can we forget her love affairs that were full of drama?

4. From the movie Welcome- Uday Bhai and Majnu Bhai

From the movie Welcome- Uday Bhai and Majnu BhaiImage Source: ytimg

If you love juvenile humour then Welcome is a movie that should be on your list. The Bollywood characters Uday and Majnu keep us hooked up to the screens with their amazing comic timing.

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5. From Khabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghaam- Poo

From Khabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghaam- PooImage Source: pinimg

This Bollywood character of Kareena is one of the best OTT characters till now in Bollywood. No one can deny that she acted very well with her good looks in this movie.

6. From Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahaani- Prem

From Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahaani- PremImage Source: ytimg

Ranbir played this extra character very well. This Bollywood character was sweet, cute, confused and dumb lover boy whom everyone loves.

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7. And finally the true OTT’s Ranveer and Govinda

And finally the true OTT's Ranveer and GovindaImage Source: updateap

These two actors are the one who is the leaders in the category of Bollywood characters with OTT skills. Ranveer and Govinda both have showcased their amazing over dramatic skills in their respective careers and we all loved them for that.

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