Want Abs Like Disha Patani’s? Follow Her Amazing Diet & Fitness Routine!


We are all well aware of Bollywood divas like Shilpa Shetty and Kareena Kapoor who never shy away from expressing their love for fitness and a perfectly-toned body. Latest to join the bandwagon is none other than the gorgeous beauty Disha Patani. She is genetically blessed with a great metabolism, despite that she never takes her fitness for granted which is evident from her bootylicious bikini body and washboard abs. Just like us, a lot of people are dying to know her fitness secrets. Well, she recently spilled the beans on everything that she does to keep herself fit and shapely. Let us give you sneak-peek into her regimen.

What She Eats In A Day?

What She Eats In A Day

Disha is very particular about following a strict diet with balanced amount of vitamins and proteins. No wonder, why she hasn’t gained even an inch after entering the Bollywood industry! She keeps her diet very minimalistic but full of essential nutrients. Starving is intolerable to her! She believes in eating right and keeping her body tight. One thing that she simply swears by is drinking plenty of water throughout the day! Hydration is utmost important. Now, let us give you an overview of her diet plan.

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Breakfast: Plain and simple. Toast, two-three egg whites, milk and fresh juice is all that you would find in her breakfast bowl. However, sometimes this bowl is replaced by a bowl of milk and cereals.

Lunch: She absolutely loves home-cooked food which generally has vegetable salad, lentils, and brown rice. Fruits and fresh juice are also a part of her daytime meal.

Dinner: Her dinner plate is full of protein as she likes to eat protein as the concluding meal of the day. From eggs to paneer to chicken, anything can be placed in this plate.

Workout Like There’s No Tomorrow!

Workout Like There's No Tomorrow

Disha is simply crazy about sweating it out either in the gym or through dancing her heart out. No matter how much she enjoys gymming, her love for dancing is irreplaceable. She believes that it is one of the easiest exercises in the world. Apart from dancing, she practices swimming, yoga, weight training and cardio. Not many people know this but Disha is a trained gymnast! The secret to her flexible body is out!

She manages to go to the gym at least four days in a week and twice in a day! Yeah, that’s right. Two times in a day! She is very punctual about exercising and doesn’t miss her gym classes unless necessary. This keeps her body active the entire day is why she always manages to take out time for exercising despite her jam-packed work schedules and other engagements.

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“I am more of a workout person. Also, I’m very impatient and sitting in one place for long is not my thing. Hence, I prefer moving my body parts over meditating.” Disha once quipped.

She admitted that maintaining the washboard abs is a herculean task! Her prime focus is on working out the stomach which she does with a strict combination of healthy diet and rigorous exercise.

Woah! She is a fitness freak for sure.

It Is Okay To Have A Cheat Day!


It Is Okay To Have A Cheat Day

If you think her food preferences are all about soups and salads, this fact will blow your mind! She loves to gorge on desserts! Yes. She has a sweet tooth. And she somehow manages to eat sweets without compromising on her fitness. How? The answer is cheat day.

Once in a week, she dedicates a day to eating anything and everything that she wants to without caring about her diet and fitness. According to Disha, a cheat day helps her stay motivated and work harder to keep herself fit and active.

Beauty Sleep Is A Must

Beauty sleep is a must


This has nothing to do with fitness regime, but proper sleep is an integral part of everyone’s life. Minimum six to eight hours of sleep in a day is necessary. She tries to go to bed on time and wake up early to strike the right balance on the clock. No wonder, she looks fresh and glowing all day!

So, finally, the secret to Disha’s sexy body and drool-worthy abs is out! It is the perfect blend of balanced eating and vigorous exercising that is behind her fitness. You can achieve that too with dedication and on following the right diet as Disha’s.

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