Here’s the Secret to Shraddha Kapoor’s Super Fit Body!


Shraddha Kapoor has always been open about her life. Whether it’s about her upcoming ventures or her beauty secrets. But this time, Shraddha have something amazingly pleasant for her fans. She shared her fitness secrets and gave a glimpse of her routine to remain fit as she is.

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In an interview with the Filmfare Magazine, the 29-year old actress got candid about her fitness schedule and laid some emphasis on health and fitness in today’s time. she discussed how necessary it is to eat healthily and have a controlled diet.

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She also showed her disagreement with the binge dieting girls has been doing to attain the size zero figure. She said, “I follow a balanced diet, which includes grilled vegetables, egg, fish and fruit juices.” She majorly depends on home cooked food for her meals. She avoids eating junk, oily, and fatty food. The Aashiqui 2 actress includes high fibre and high protein foods in her diet. She also advises her fans to have their dinner before 8 pm and go to bed by 11pm.

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To your surprise let me tell you, Shraddha Kapoor is vegan and she loves eating vegetarian food. She consumes a larger quantity of proteins to help her workout sessions. On her routine schedule of meals, she said, “Sometimes, I eat a protein bar. I try to eat 1.5 hours before my workout and eat whatever I feel like but mainly some food that will give me energy. And post workout, I try to eat as much protein and vegetables as I can.”

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Shraddha also encourages her fans to indulge in daily exercising schedule no matter what type of body they have. Exercise is necessary for well-toned body and healthy skin as well. She is lazy just like other girls are, but she says, “Yes there are days when I don’t feel like working out but that feeling can be overcome.”

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She believes that the best way to beat laziness is to jazz up your exercise schedule with one fun-filled activity. “Fitness is fun, so I sometimes go in for yoga and sometimes other activities. I work out daily for two hours. I am playing a character of a basketball player in my next film Half Girlfriend, so I also need to practice for that.” says the Baaghi actress who is all set to play the role of a national level basketball player.

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She likes dancing to keep herself fit. “I shut myself in a room, play loud music and dance for hours till my feet give up. As I already have a lean body, I don’t need to put in a lot of effort to keep fit.”, she says.

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Shraddha also confirms that she never misses her workout sessions even when she’s on her holidays. She dances for 2-3 hours every day even on the vacations. She credits her dad Shakti Kapoor for her fit body.

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“Papa has always maintained himself, so we always had healthy food cooked at home and everyone was health conscious”, she says. She also says she has never seen a gym before her adulthood. She was a very sporty person during her school times. She was good in athletics and she owes her fit body to sports. She loves food and can’t resist jalebis and kacchi kairi.

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