Is It Ok For Women To Lift Weights? VJ Bani Has Got The Answer!


If you have watched Roadies or if you are an avid fan of the show, then you must remember Bani J, the runner-up of the Roadies Season 4 who later hosted the show for six seasons. We remember Bani J as the young girl whom a lot of people considered as a weirdo because of the way she was. But time has changed and this girl is on a spree to defying all the stereotypical norms in a badass way. We all are very much aware of Bani’s love for tattoo and fitness. She often uploads gym selfies on her Instagram account featuring her toned and ripped body.
But apart from all the appreciations and envious comments, a lot of people criticized her on how lifting weights (which is a part of her workout routine) can actually make her look manly. To this she responded via an
Instagram post, explaining how weight lifting can actually beneficial for women and why women should make weight lifting a part of their workout routine. She says,

“I have drool-worthy abs and a muscular body by choice, and that has put me at the receiving end of so much body shaming, it’s unbelievable. India puts too much emphasis on a certain kind of a body. For a woman, thin is supposed to be good, and if there’s any deviation — too thin, too fat, or muscular (manly, they call it!) – she hears no end about it….

For most people, body shaming begins when they are really young. I have a teenage friend, and I hear her father call her fat, fatso and similar names. He says them with love, but why? Your family is your support system, your first shield against the world, and if they begin to chip at your self-esteem and confidence like this, then who is there to support you?”

Here are some of the reasons why women should lift weights.

1. Stronger bones- We are very much aware of the fact that as women start to age they actually become susceptible to osteoporosis and bone loss. And not just women, men too suffer from this problem but it affects women more because they have lighter bones. weight training as well as weight bearing exercise has been proved to help with increasing the bone density and slow down the process of bone loss. If women at a younger age start weight training it can really help them later in their life and for older women, the weight training can prevent the bones from getting brittle.

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2. Weight management- Weight lifting is not just for those who are trying to bulk up. People who are trying to lose weight should also incorporate weight lifting in their regular workout routine as this will help in weight loss along with weight management. Weight training leads to muscle formation; the more the muscles the weight you are going to lose. In order to get the best results, you must combine cardio with strength training.

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3. Reduces the risk of injury- Apart from making your bones stronger weight training also decreases the risk of bone injuries to a great extent. It also reduces the risk of other injuries as well. Weight training is known to improve the functional ability of the body which reduces the chances of getting injured. It also rectifies muscle imbalances thus reducing the risk of muscular skeletal injuries.

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4. Tone up- Cardio workouts help to burn the calories and reduce the fat. But in order to improve the appearance of the body and to tone it up, you have to incorporate weight training exercises in your workout routine. Strength training also improves your posture and will tighten your skin giving your body a curvier appearance.

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5. To treat other health conditions- If you are dealing with heath conditions such as back pain, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity or even depression then weight training can really help you deal with all these. But don’t start doing any exercise on your own make sure to consult your doctor.

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6. You get stronger- When you feel healthy and stronger physically your brain will function more efficiently. Weight training does the same for our body. It makes our body stronger and improves the mental well-being as well. It is very obvious when you look good and you know it, you will feel more confident and happy. And since you will be stronger and fit you will be capable of doing so many more activities which you cannot otherwise.

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