Lose Weight With These 10 Simple Kitchen Ingredients


Indian cuisine is presumed to be high in calories and fattening, but it is not the ingredients that makes you fat, but the everyday habits and the wrong food combinations that is making you fat.

Most people are switching from delicious fulsome dishes to healthy salads and low-fat foods, but these 10 kitchen items will definitely change your opinion about the Indian food items and their great uses and effectiveness for aiding weight loss.

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Here is a list of 10 food items that you can easily find in your kitchen and are great for using weight loss in a healthy and fruitful way.

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1. Millets
Millets are known to be rich in dietary fibers which helps in maintaining a good cholesterol level. Ragi, bajra and jowar are considered best in losing weight, by burning down the unnecessary calories without causing any to your health.

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2. Cabbage
Cabbage can be found in almost all the regions of India and is used widely in cooking meals or salads as well. it also helps maintain the content of fat in your body by slowing down the fat formation process. It instead transforms the fat into carbohydrates and sugar.

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3. Bean Sprouts
Loaded with essential vitamins, proteins and minerals, bean sprouts are the best thing that you can eat to lose weight without affecting your nutritional content of your body. It helps you stay fuller for a longer period and is good for digestion as well.

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4. Chillies
For Indian cuisines, chilies are a staple ingredient without which the true flavors of Indian meals are not savored. The heat that is generated in your body after eating chillies helps to burn that additional fat from your body, due to the presence of a metabolism increasing element present in the chillies called capsaicin.

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5. Curry Leaves
Curry leaves add a tasteful flavor to our dishes, but this is not the only use of them. They also aid in weight loss and removes the harmful toxins from our body.

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6. Honey
Though, honey is the sweetest food item that occurs naturally, but it also plays a vital role in reducing excess from your body, leading to a healthy weight loss. Consuming honey in a glass of warm water early in the morning results best for losing weight.

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7. Mustard Oil
As compared to any other oil, mustard oil as the lowest saturated fats, which makes it a perfect ingredient to be used for cooking your meals, especially if you are targeting to lose weight without compromising on your health. This also helps control your cholesterol levels.

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8. Cardamom
Cardamom is not just another spice that adds flavor to Indian dishes, but it also aids in weight loss and enhances your digestion by increasing your metabolism.

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9. Garlic
Garlic is known well for its medicinal properties, but apart from that it also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in burning down that deposited fat in your body.

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10. Turmeric Powder
Turmeric is kind of a basic ingredient that is used in Indian kitchen while cooking almost every dish, but many of you must be unaware of its health improving properties, like weight loss, antiseptic and anticancer. It helps to control the insulin and leptin levels in your body, which are responsible for depositing fat in your body.

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Now that you are well aware the greatness of these food items, do not forget to include these amazing ingredients in your diet from now on.