10 Ayurvedic Hacks to Fight Delhi’s Killer Air Pollution


Delhi has suffered, in fact, is suffering from its worst air pollution in 17 years. After the night of Diwali, the entire national capital was covered in dense worrisome smog. The entire population of Delhi is going bonkers, which is an obvious thing to do. The air is worse enough to make even a healthy person fall ill, let alone the ones who’re already suffering from respiratory problems.

Here is some piece of advice from the Ayurvedic experts for people on how to deal with this nasty air pollution in Delhi. And why only Delhi? The other cities of Northern India aren’t left untouched.

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1. Neem
Boil some neem leaves in water and use to wash your face, hair and gargle. It will detoxify your skin. You can also consume 3-4 neem leaves twice a week to purify your body internally.

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2. Tulsi
Every Indian household has a Tulsi plant in their courtyard. But still, if it isn’t there, you should get one for your family. You can drink Tulsi concoction everyday to prevent the pollutants messing up with your respiratory tract.

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3. Turmeric
Consume half a teaspoon of Turmeric with 1 tablespoon of honey on empty stomach every morning.

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4. Ghee
Add 2 drops of ghee in your nostrils before going to bed to prevent the pollutants entering your respiratory system. You can also consume ghee everyday to nullify the harmful effects of heavy metals like lead and mercury on our livers and kidneys.

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5. Pippali
It is one such super herb that is known for purifying the lungs. Take a 1/4th teaspoon of ginger, 1/4th teaspoon of turmeric and 1/8th teaspoon of pippali powder. Add 1 tbsp. of honey. Consume it with warm water. Do this for one week. This concoction shouldn’t be given to infants.

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6. Triphala
Pollution creates an imbalance in Tridosha. Triphala is used to restore the balance. Consume 1 tbsp. of Triphala with 1 tbsp. of honey before bed.


7. Pomegranate Juice
It purifies the blood and protects your cardiovascular system from the effect of pollution.

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8. Steam
Add 5-10 drops of eucalyptus oil and take the steam for 5 minutes twice a day.

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9. Eat Home Cooked Food
Eat simple home cooked food instead of eating out. Use herbs like cayenne pepper, carom seeds, ginger while cooking. Add some basil in your regular cup of tea.

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10. Massage
Massage your body with some warm oil to rejuvenate your mind and flush the toxins out from your skin.

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