10 Cutesy Things That All Girls Do In A New Relationship


At last, you have found your Mr. Right, and are madly in love with him. Enjoying the freshness of being in a new relationship, doing crazy thing, talking about him all the time, thinking of new things to do along with your boyfriend.
Yes, girls, we know it all! Now that you are finally in a relationship, we bet you are into all that cute stuff that all girls do when they are in a relationship, being insanely happy and full of the joy of having someone to care about!

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These are the 10 cutesy things that girls often do when they fall in love or get into a new relationship.


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1. Daydreaming All The Time

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Of course, we all daydream! But, you can’t hide it from us, girl. We know that look so well, when you are daydreaming while your friends are talking, assuming that you are so deep in their conversation. But they don’t know the truth yet!

2. Blushing On Every Text

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*His message pops* What’s that pink shade on your face? Are you blushing? It’s all that happens to you and your friend just couldn’t stop asking all about it!

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3. Non-Stop Texting

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College, café, bathroom, you just name the place and we’ll get the rest! Non-stop texting and endless conversations, you just can’t enough of his time. Constantly typing on the phone, in public, out with friends or even at home, nothing can stop you!

4. Dropping His Name In Every Conversation

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Maybe it’s just accidental, but you start dropping your boyfriend’s name in all your conversations! *I mean, I wasn’t even thinking about him*

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5. Calling Him With Cute Names

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‘Baby’, ‘Cupcake’, ‘Honey’, and all the sweet items that you can eat suddenly becomes your boyfriend’s nicknames! Even though his name is perfect in itself, you just can’t stop yourself from calling him names, just because you love him.

6. Being Insecure

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Even best friends have hearts (and perfect figure), so yes, you get a little insecure towards your guy, when they try to get closer to your friends than you. And not to forget those sweet little messages that you share all day long!

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7. Obsessing Over Her Perfect Looks

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Suddenly you become more conscious of your looks and start spending more and more time in front of the mirror, to make yourself look better every day (Even though he likes you the way you are, no need of any personality alteration!).

8. Flaunting Her Sexy Boyfriend

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He’s hot, he’s smart, and he treats you like a princess, well then, I don’t find a reason to keep him hidden from the world or your friends and family for that matter. You are not ashamed of announcing your newly found relationship to the world through all your social media accounts, and claiming him to be the best!

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9. Keeping High Expectations

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if you are a sucker for the romcoms and cannot get enough of those chic flicks, then fits perfect for your description. Keeping high expectations right from the beginning of your relation is what you are targeting on. Such as planning for your future and waiting for him to go down on his knees to propose for the wedding or how many kids will the two of you be having.

10. Endless Phone Conversations

It’s past your bedtime and you are still haven’t put your phone down, which means that you’re enjoying talking your newly found interest of course! It’s not like you are discussing something top-secret earth-shattering, but giving the details of your well-spent day is also necessary, right!

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