10 Life Lessons We Need to Learn from ‘Dear Zindagi’ to Lead a Happier Life


Gauri Shinde has been giving us life lessons right from ‘English Vinglish’. She taught us that language is not a measure of intellect and English is no exception. Sridevi’s strong character as Shashi conveyed to the audience that never belittle your loved ones for a flaw, for even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day.

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4 years past this phenomenal life-like movie, English Vinglish, Gauri Shinde is back with a message. Haven’t watched ‘Dear Zindagi’ yet? Then what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest cinemas.

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This full-of-life movie is more than a stretch of 150 minutes. Within these 150 minutes, you’ll realize that there’s a lot to life that you’ve been missing right since your childhood. Let’s see what these things are…
1. Losing Friends as You Grow Up is a Sign of Growing Up
It’s perfectly alright to have a limited number of friends. Quality of friends matters more than quantity of friends. Don’t feel that you’re undesirable or unfriendly. It’s just that you’re not attached to the shallowness of the world anymore.

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2. Crying is Completely Okay. Shedding Tears is not a Sign of Weakness
Never be shy to show your emotions. These emotions, when trapped for long, will erupt out even more fiercely. When a relationship ends, you deserve to lament your loss. It’s okay to not be ‘OKAY’.

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3. You Need to Be Friends with Your Parents
Be honest with your friends. Come up with what you’re feeling. Believe me, they are your best confidante. No one can give you better advice than your parents. Start having meaningful conversations with your parents.

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4. Choosing an Easy Way Out is Not Shameful. You Deserve to Make Choices for Your Life.
We are made to believe the idea that we need to come out of our comfort zones for success. You are always told to choose the difficult option. But sometimes, we have to lower down the complexities of life and choose the easier way out.

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5. Self-Respect is Above Everything
Never mortgage your self-respect for anything. Anything means ANYTHING! Just like Koko chose to stay in Goa and work on her dream rather than flying to America to fulfill her goals. Sometimes, lessons learned are better than the victory itself.

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6. While People Are Busy Judging You, Stop Judging People. Don’t Let Others Make You Feel Down with Their Judgments
What people think about you has never mattered and it never will. Get over with this fact. Make your own choices and be proud of them. Share what you love with your parents.

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7. You Have to Kiss Many Frogs Before You Actually Meet Your Prince Charming
Not every relationship you enter, is meant to be. You will go through many failed relationships before meeting the one who will finally make things work out. You will learn to fall in love with imperfections.

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8. Seeking Professional Mental Help If Completely Healthy and Alright
Mental health is still a taboo in our country. But thanks to Gauri Shinde that she brought up the sensitive topics of anxiety disorders to people. Just like our body falls ill, our mind sickens as well.

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9. Pay Attention to Your Parents
While we were busy growing up, we forgot that our parents are growing old as well. Start having real conversations with your parents. Go out with them more often. Make your birthday special for them. Why? Cause it’s their special day, too!

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10. Seize the Moment and Enjoy the Moments of Life
While chasing our goals, and trying to make people stay in our lives, we forget to keep our hearts happy. We gently pass by the small moments of our life and forget to be grateful for the things that made us smile. Dance in the rain, enjoy your own company, eat roadside food, smile at strangers, etc. There are many things to provide warmth to your heart.

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