10 steps to improve your relationship with co-workers


We understand how much blood, sweat and tears you have put into for this new job. After graduation, like millions of other unemployed youngsters, you moved from pillar to post in search of a new job and after months of struggle, a company finally offered you a job. We appreciate your struggle and wish you continue this hard work in the future as well so that your bosses at the new workplace will feel pleased with you.

But is hard work the only thing that gets counted. Definitely not! There are some other things that you need to take care of before joining the new office. The most important thing is your relationship with bosses and colleagues. Transforming office relationships is easy and the most powerful tool is in your hand, provided you know how to handle it.

Follow the below-mentioned steps and transform your second home a.k.a. your office into a dream place for you. If you fail, then there are ample chances that your office will become the most boring place for you

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Say thank you and please but in the gentlest way

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Whenever an office colleague or boss appreciates you or offers you some help, never forget to say a ‘thank you” to them in a soft and gentle way. They are just two words, but they have the capability to make a powerful impact. If you are asking someone for their help then you should begin with ‘please’.

Appreciate the good work of your colleagues
You should not only wait for others to appreciate your work. It is your duty also to appreciate their good work. But you need to identify their good points first. Suppose you enjoyed someone’s presentation, appreciate him or her, they will feel good.

Discuss hobbies and some personal details

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It is Ok to discuss your hobbies and some personal details of your life with your colleagues. Suppose you have a pet at your home, tell your colleagues how you play with your pet or just little thing about him.

Value their preferences and time
During lunch or tea break, spent some time together or go for a walk but value their time and preferences.

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Give and take small gifts

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There is nothing wrong in giving and taking small gifts from co-workers. These small gifts could be in the form of a card, chocolate or even a flower but don’t forget to say “I’m glad you’re my co-worker.”

Share your food
Nothing can be more magical than sharing food with your co-workers. Bring some snacks, fruits or toffees with you and share them with your co-workers.

Honor the work of your coworkers
Even if you are not a boss, you are an employee, you can still appreciate the good work of your colleagues by honoring him with a pen or a small book or writing a note for them. If you are a boss, then you can arrange a little award ceremony at staff meetings and say some words of appreciation for them.

Celebrate your achievements

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At the workplace, your bosses will give you and your colleagues a target for the day. Sometimes you will be asked to make a presentation in a weeks’ time. Once your target is achieved, celebrate the moment with a poster, mail or get together with messages like “Hey – congratulations!”, or “Way to go”!

Appreciate the work of your team members
If you are a team leader and co-workers under you are doing well, appreciate their work. Circulate a joint mail or a group message to appreciate the whole group or some person in particular.

Appreciate the skills of your team members
As a team leader, it is obvious boss will be communicating with you. Appreciate and glorify the skills of your team members who are giving their best. This will encourage him and he will respect your leadership skills.

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