10 Surprising Facts About Red Wine That You Should Know


Wine is always considered as the first choice of every woman, they usually choose it over any other alcoholic drink. It is basically made from different varieties of grapes by simply crushing and fermenting the dark-colored ones which have rich content of antioxidants. Though drinking red wine is good, still overconsumption of this drink can also affect your health. So, it is suggested that you should consume it in moderate quantities.

Here are some interesting facts about red wine that one should know:

1. Low in calories

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It helps in maintaining your waistline  by preventing belly fat. It is said that women who drink a glass of red wine daily relatively have 10 pounds less body fat than the women who don’t drink.

2. Reduces stress

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It contains a compound named as resveratrol that can help in repairing the DNA and also helps in suppressing the tumor genes and promotes longevity. Besides this, it also helps in reducing anxiety and stress. So, it is suggested that you should consume a glass of red wine along with your dinner.

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3. Slows down aging

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It is said that a glass of wine can prevent signs of aging, and also, make your skin glowing as the antioxidants present in it can slow down the oxidative stress that can affect your skin cells. Plus, it also protects your skin from the harmful UV rays.

4. Prevents cancer

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It contains anti-cancerous properties and antioxidants that have a positive effect on your health. As we all know this fact that red wine is made from grapes and the skin of it is very rich in antioxidants that have the ability to prevent all types of cancer.

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5. Contains polyphenols

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It has polyphenols which include resveratrol, tannin, and around 5000 plant compounds. The main benefit of red wine comes from tannin which is also present in green tea and dark chocolates that can help in preventing cholesterol. Thus, helps in maintaining a good heart health.

6. Promotes good sleep

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It contains a high amount of melatonin that helps in inducing sleep. So, if you have trouble in falling asleep or suffering from any sleep disorder, just have a glass of red wine. Make sure you drink it before bedtime.

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7. Reduces the effect of smoking

 Reduces the effect of smokingImage Source: healthsmartcbd

Well, you will be glad to know that red wine has the ability to prevent the damage caused by smoking. Plus, it can help in reducing inflammation and slowing down the aging of the skin.

8. Improves love life

 Improves love lifeImage Source: waytoosocial

Another surprising fact about red wine. It is said that, if you drink red wine daily but in moderate quantities, it can improve your love life. Women who drink two glasses of wine daily enjoy physical pleasure more than women who don’t drink.

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9. Good for health

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Well, it is difficult to understand which red wine is best for your health. Well, we can guide you through it. All you need is to do choose dry wines over sweet wines and the one which has a high amount of tannin and low content of alcohol.

10. Drinking in small doses is better

Drinking in small doses is betterImage Source: letitwine

Moderate drinking of red wine is better than not drinking it at all. It is said that red wine has antioxidants that lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. And if you drink it in excess it can affect your health badly.

So, these were the few facts about red wine.

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