11 Bingo Facts For The Passionate Coffee Lovers


We all have that unconditional love for coffee, that we are not even a tiny bit afraid of admitting and that’s what makes us the one. These 11 things only a true coffee lover can understand positively.

While BC and AD are the marks of the early years of the beginning of the civilization for the world, but for us coffee lovers, they simply mean ‘Before Coffee’ and ‘After a Drink’. And we proudly wear our addiction to our sleeves.
If you are one of us too, I mean a coffee lover, then you will definitely agree upon the flowing said things, with your caffeine-loving soul.

 First thought of the day, right next to opening your eyes, is to get your relaxing cup of morning COFFEE. You even think of it before going to bed, sometimes.
 It’s like every morning your coffee is your remote control to everything you do next, wake up, poop, and start acting like a normal human being.

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 Basically, you feel like you have MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), meaning you are a completely different person before and after your morning cup of coffee.

 No matter how busy your schedule is, you always squeeze in some time to get that oh-so-relaxing coffee breaks in between.

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 Nothing to you, and I mean literally nothing is so therapeutic and refreshing to your soul as much as the sweet fragrance of coffee is.
 Coffee over drinks is what you prefer to go out for, on a nice first date with your special someone. It’s like a hug in a cup.

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 You would rather ditch any other work to grab that quick coffee retreat. (Even ditch your best friend’s plan for outdoorsy drinks)

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 You don’t care why the world is fussing about all those soda drinks, you feel happy in paradise with your summer love for cold coffee.
 Be it an ice cream or a cookie or even just a little candy, you want everything to be in coffee flavor for you.

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 You go mad with rage and feel betrayed when your trusted coffee mug spills on you.
 And the last but not the least, the world turns out to be a better place once that good old caffeine hits right through your system.

We are sure there are many more things that might have hit your thoughts while reading this. So, comment and share your thoughts on how important your coffee love is for you.

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