12 Old-school Stationery Items That Will Make You Nostalgic


In the last few years, we have witnessed some amazing technological advancements which are really good still the kids from this generation are missing out the spark which a 90s kid used to have. Kids nowadays are surrounded by mobile phones, iPads which has almost vanished existence of the stationery items. So, today in this article, we have listed some old-school stationery items that every 90s kids are going to cherish.

1. Scented erasers

Scented erasersImage Source: wp

Well, we all the reason why we used to buy this eraser. Damn, they smelled so good.

2. Multi-purpose pencil box

Multi-purpose pencil boxImage Source: jdmagicbox

This was one the coolest thing.

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3. Correction fluid

Correction fluidImage Source: medium

Remember the sound they used to make when we shooked them?

4. Glitter pens

 Glitter pensImage Source: blogspot

No slam book was complete without using this pen.

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5. Geometry boxes

Geometry boxesImage Source: flixcart

Most of us still need to figure out for what purpose set squares were used.

6. Sktech pens

Sktech pensImage Source: indianbeautifulart

The important thing of the art class.

7. Slam books

Slam booksImage Source: ssl-images-amazon

The older version of Facebook.

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8. Pencil tops

Pencil topsImage Source: ssl-images-amazon

Do anyone remember the Shakalaka Boom Boom pencil?

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9. Fountain pens

 Fountain pensImage Source: wikimedia

This was the first pen we all used while making a transition from pencils to pens.

10. Pop-a-point pencils

 Pop-a-point pencilsImage Source: wordpress

Remember how to used to move backward when we exerted too much pressure.

11. Fancy sharpeners

Fancy sharpenersImage Source: giftoo

Sharpening our pencils in style.

12. Eraser top pencils

 Eraser top pencilsImage Source: palominobrands

Quick fix for the corrections.

So, these were the few old-school stationery items.

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