20 Funny Illustrations That Will Make You Laugh Hard


Laughter is something that can lift your mood and make you forget all about the sad things in your life. And if you are feeling too tired and bored and looking for a dose laughter, then you should have a look at these funny illustrations. Created by Nacho Diaz Arjona, these illustrations are inspired by daily life and popular events that will surely make your day better.

1. Now, we can say ‘Rain Rain Go Away’

2. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen guys!

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3. Getting ready for summer is like

4. Your next cup of tea

5. Just trim my hair a little bit from the ends

6. You know this feeling right

7. Rock, Paper and …

8. Time for some motivation

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9. When puberty hits you

10. This is for every iPhone lover

11. The most dangerous proposal ever

12. Every beard guy after getting clean shaved

13. Quite relatable

14. The pain of every sock

15. Gear up for summer

16. Now, we know the real story


17. For every coffee lover out there

18. Feel free

19. Makeup at its best

20. Go Green

After seeing these funny illustrations, I’m sure that you are still laughing. So, keep laughing and stay happy.

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A die hard fan of Chainsmoker with a motto to live the life absolutely king size. Though Mini is an expert in killing jokes, she loves writing. And when she is not scribbling, you will find her in a corner with headphones on and watching Netflix television shows.

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