5 Bollywood Movies That Beautifully Captured the Millennials


With every passing year, Bollywood is trying to come up with an original and fresh storyline that can help them connect with the audience. In the past few years, many movies were released which showed a clear picture of the issues faced by the millennials that somewhere made us feel connected. So, keeping this in mind, we have listed some Bollywood movies that beautifully captured the millennials.

1. Udaan

UdaanImage Source: indiatimes

Life is not always rosy for everyone. There are many people who need to fight bitter battles at home other than fighting against the bad system. If you ever face an abusive environment at your house, will you endure with that or walk away? And the decision taken by Rajat Barmecha’s character Rohan in the movie was quite justified to everyone who has survived the similar situation.

2. Wake up Sid

Wake up sidImage Source: makmedia

Well, we all have been through a phase where we need to make a career choice. And this particular issue is beautifully shown in this movie through Sid’s character who struggles while making a commitment to a career. This is a common issue that most of the parents are not able to understand that this generation requires some time to chase their dreams and to figure out things.

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3. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Yeh jawaani hai DeewaniImage Source: toiimg

Another movie that sums up different phases of a millennials life. Ranbir’s character Bunny who is a carefree guy sacrifices certain things to achieve his dream while Deepika’s character Naina, chooses to live close to her family with a stable job. These two characters showed the two different aspects and the difficulties faced by the modern relationship.

4. Queen

QueenImage Source: ltrbxd

Kangana Ranaut’s character Rani was a true inspiration for many girls. One can see her character emerging as a strong one when she decides to go on her honeymoon alone after getting dumped by his boyfriend. During this journey, she explores the various aspects of life and finds the true woman hidden inside her.

5. Dear Zindagi

Dear ZindagiImage Source: amazonaws

While our mothers relate to the Sridevi as Shashi in English Vinglish, our generation feels connected with Alia’s character Kaira in Dear Zindagi. In this movie, you can see Kaira has a perfect job and bunch of good friends still she suffers from mental issues because of her gloomy past. Well, a very common issue faced by the people of millennials that made this more relatable.

So, these were the few movies that beautifully captured the millennials.

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