Know About the Mystic Significance of the Number 108


While studying about the various religions and studies, you might have come across the number 108. Well, this number is considered auspicious in many religions around the world. Even in many Hindu temples, 108 Parikramas are performed because of its mystic significance. So, to know more facts about this number, we have listed some mystic significance of the number 108.

1. Dimensions of river Ganga

Dimensions of river GangaImage Source: wikimedia

It is found that river Ganga has 108 dimensions as it longitude spreads over twelve degrees and latitude spreads over nine degrees. And when you multiply these two numbers, you get 108. This why 108 is considered auspicious and has great significance.

2. Buddhist and Tibetan malas

Buddhist and Tibetan malasImage Source: bigcommerce

The Tibetan or Buddhist malas have 108 beads which are denoted as the 108 statements given by Buddha according to the Buddhist literature but was falsely believed as the number of the steps in temples which is 108.

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3. Tandava dance

Tandava danceImage Source: blogspot

According to Hindu mythology, tandava is a dance performed by Lord Shiva when he is angry. It is believed that tandava dance has 108 movements and for this reason, Lingayats use malas for meditation that contain 108 beads.

4. Buddhist temple of Japan

 Buddhist temple of JapanImage Source: wordpress

In the Buddhist temple of Japan, there is a tradition to chime the bells 108 times to welcome the new year and end the old one. It is also related to the 108 earthy temptations that a person has to overcome to achieve salvation.

5. Sacred mala in Sikhism

 Sacred mala in SikhismImage Source: wikimedia

In Sikhism too, there is a sacred mala of wool used for worship which is divided into 108 knots.

6. Lord Krishna’s followers

 Lord Krishna's followersImage Source: deviantart

According to mythology, Lord Krishna has 108 followers who are also known as Gopis in Vrindavan. It is said that the while using the mala with 108 beads, the names of these followers are chanted. And it is believed that there are 108 Divya Deshams of Lord Vishnu according to the Sri Vaishnavite tradition.

7. Pressure points

Pressure pointsImage Source: netdna-ssl

According to Ayurveda, our body has 108 pressure points in the body. It is said that these are the points where the spirit, flesh, and consciousness of person intersect. And it is also considered as the point where life is given to the body.

8. Constellations

ConstellationsImage Source: oldmooresalmanac

In our galaxy, Milky way there are a total of 27 constellations which are divided into four dimensions each. And when we multiply 27 with the 4, we get 108 as the product. And for this reason, this number has great significance in astrology.

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So, these were the few mystic significances of the number 108.

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