5 Habits That Can Ruin Your Professional Image


Do you also feel neglected at your workplace? Or, people talk behind your back about which you have no clue? Well, there is a possibility that this might be happening because of your unprofessional habits. No matter how long you have worked in an organization, there are some habits that can ruin your professional image.

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1. Reaching late to office

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It is fine if you occasionally reach late to the office but it not professional if you show up late every day. This simple habit is an indicator of how reliable and punctual you are as a person. Also, leaving your office early in the evening is another practice that can slowly tarnish your image.

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2. What you do at your work desk

What you do at your work deskImage Source: themuse

Do you also have a habit of taking selfies at your work desk or checking social accounts frequently during work hours? Well, this is something that you need to stop at once. Always try to keep your professional and personal life separate. You are actually wasting your time, that you should have devoted to your work. Plus, you are also showing your colleague that other things matter to you more than your work.

3. Basic hygiene

Basic hygieneImage Source: theartofed

If you have a habit of leaving wrappers and cups at your workstation, and making weird sounds while eating then, you are actually inviting comments on your conduct. Remember this that you are at your office and your work desk is not your room where you can do anything.

4. Negative attitude

Negative attitudeImage Source: ueatexas

Always cribbing about work or panicking before any task is assigned signs that you are uncooperative. There are chances that your colleagues might also start calling you a crybaby. So, it is advised that rather thinking about what the consequences will be, try to focus on the solutions. In this way, you will also remain tension-free.

5. Chatting all the time

Chatting all the timeImage Source: glassdoor

It is completely fine to take breaks in between the work, but that does not mean you keep talking to your colleagues all the time. Plus, taking personal calls (until it is an emergency) during office hours is not advised. And always think twice before you interrupt the other person who is working as it can give a wrong impression about you.

So, these were the few habits that can ruin your professional image.

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