5 Signs That Your Partner Is Self-Centered


Have you noticed a weird behavior in your partner where he only focuses on him and his needs? Well, then it’s not an easy task to be in a relationship with that kind of a person as there are chances he is a self-centered person. And to be sure, we have listed a few signs that your partner is self-centered.

1. All the plans are about him

All the plans are about himImage Source: lovepanky

From travel destinations to the restaurants, it’s always about what he wishes for. If your partner does not take your wishes or opinions into account then, this clearly signs that he will not bother about your well-being and happiness. And after some time, there are chances that you feel dissatisfied and neglected on your part.

2. He doesn’t care about your feelings

 He doesn't care about your feelingsImage Source: foryoumagazine

Self-centered people are generally empathetic, but they have a long way to go when it comes to sensitivity. For instance, when you have a bad day, he will surely ask you about the situation. But by the time you reach the most distressing part, he probably has reached his me-myself world.

3. He is not interested in what you say

 He is not interested in what you sayImage Source: popsugar-assets
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Have you also noticed that all his conversations are about him and once you start to talk about yourself, he simply changes the topic and start talking about himself? Well, this a big red flag that your guy is a self-centered person as he cannot find something more interesting than himself.

4. He acts as a spoilt brat

He acts as a spoilt bratImage Source: wwmindia

When a guy acts a spoilt brat then, it is usually because of their upbringing which is often carried over to the relationship. For instance, if your partner is the only son brought up with a belief that he is the best thing happen to his parents then, he is not going to lose that sense. So, there are chances that he might behave like a spoilt brat if things don’t go his way.

5. He is jealous of your success

He is jealous of your successImage Source: bustle

A self-centered guy will tolerate your success only to a certain point. And if at a certain point he feels that you are becoming more successful than him then, be ready to witness his jealous side. There are chances that he might also suggest you to give up on your job by pretending deeply concerned.

So, these were the few signs that your partner is self-centered.

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