5 Things That Will Put an Instant Smile on Your Crush’s Face


We know, that you know the best way to make your girlfriend happy as you know her better than anyone. But, there are some things that you might be missing out which you used to do in the past like to make her smile. Well, it may sound crazy but, these small gestures are very important for a healthy relationship. So, here we have shared few things that will put an instant smile on your crush’s face.

1. Ask her about her day

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Well, I am sure that she does this all the time but how often do you ask her about her day? If you don’t do this more often than it’s the time to do so. Make efforts and show some interest as this will make her feel less stressful. You can also send her a text in the middle of the day to ask how everything is going on. Trust us she will appreciate your efforts.

2. Be kind to her when she is PMSing

Be kind to her when she is PMSingImage Source: medicalnewstoday

Premenstrual syndrome is real, and during this time, the women go through hormonal changes which also makes them emotional and moody too. Not every woman faces mood swings but if your crush has these mood swings then make sure you be gentle and kind. Trust us she will appreciate your effort because she wants you to understand her condition during that time.

3. Help her out

Help her outImage Source: medicalnewstoday
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Yes, we know that you help her every time but, sometimes you need to analyze things and figure out where she is struggling and then offer her help for those things which she is not able to tell you. For example, while having a conversation, listen to her properly and then, figure out the problem. Or there are chances that she might be frustrated but, you can still offer her help to lighten her burden.

4. Call her beautiful

Call her beautifulImage Source: askmen

Sometimes, the word beautiful can have a huge impact on your crush. Complimenting her by saying ‘you are beautiful’ states that you are not just appreciating her beauty, but you are also telling her that she is beautiful as a person. So, instead of calling them hot and pretty, use the word beautiful for them. Trust us this will make her feel special.

5. Make her friends feel special

 Make her friends feel specialImage Source: mnn

Women like it when you take interest in their lives and acknowledge it. Like, hanging out with her friends and treating them nicely is something which will definitely bring a smile to her face. Sometimes, these small gestures can help you a lot to make your bond stronger with your partner. So, try to do this more often.

So, these were the few things that can put an instant smile on your crush’s face.

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