5 Tips To Sustain Your Long Distance Friendship


Words are never enough to describe the pain and despair of a person whose best friend is shifting town. Just this one change is enough to switch your life completely upside down. But that is the worst part of life it goes in a certain direction and you have to mould yourself accordingly. Initially, you will face a lot of difficulties but ultimately your life will get back on the track. But if not taken care of this distance may soon take a toll on your friendship. Thus it is important that you put in all the efforts to sustain your friendship with the same intensity. Below we have mentioned some of the tips which might come handy in keeping your long distance friendship as strong as ever.

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1. Communicate your heart out- Communication plays a very important role in every relationship let alone a long distance friendship. Don’t let the distance act as a hurdle in your relationship. With the flourishing technology, you can always stay connected and close to your loved ones. So make sure to put it to a proper use. Use WhatsApp, skype or other preferred apps, etc. to stay connected with your friends.

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2. Don’t hesitate to convey your love- Remember the compassion that you shared with your friend when you two were together/close (in physical terms) to each other, keep that compassion alive even when you are in different cities, states, countries or even continents. Express your love and care in whichever way possible. don’t let your affection fall short for your friend and try to be emotionally present even if not physically.

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3. Don’t let your ego kick in- Ego is a very small word but it can tarnish even the strongest of the relationships. When one of the friend’s shifts to a new place a lot of new things are going to happen in their life. New difficulties, new experiences, new friends, etc. will keep that person occupied and busy. Their priorities may change, but then this is the time when you have to act sensibly by not letting your ego from stopping you from making some extra efforts.

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4. Try to visit each other- While staying connected over phone and the internet is very important for the friendship to sustain it is even more important to visit or meet each other as often as you can. Sometimes you can visit your friend and vice versa. you can also plan a vacation together and spend some bestie time.

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5. Exchange gifts- Who doesn’t love gifts? Sending gifts is a great way to express your love and affection to your friend. Send them things that they love and trust me, it doesn’t really have to be expensive. In friendship, it is all about the gesture and not the price. So go ahead and send your friend a sweet little present.

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