6 Awkward Situations Women Face in Winters


Winters are loved by many. Winter is a heavenly respite to hot and scorching summers. We’re more than just excited to fill our winter closet. But there’s another side of winters, which we personally as women, hate. The unknown side of winters. Sometimes, even the season refuses to be a woman’s friend. If you, being a woman, face these problems during winters, then you’re not alone my girl!

1. You Can’t Wear Caps!
Cause your beautiful and submissive mane take the shape of your cap. It was cold outside, so you slipped on a winter cap. But when you tried to look hot inside your office/college, you hair declines rigidly. They look like a freshly trimmed topiary.

awkward-situations-women-face-in-winters1Image Source: ibtimes

2. Your Feet Reveal Your Hairy Secrets When You Sit Down
Who likes to go for a hair removal session during winters? We love going waxing-free during the cold season. But who knew, our pants had some other plans for us. Every time you sit down, you pants decide to move up and reveal your amazon forest.

awkward-situations-women-face-in-winters2Image Source: cascatherine

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3. You Rip Your Stocking with Your Beautifully Manicured Nails
One stocking down, another one to go! They don’t get tired playing a trick on your by falling off incessantly.

Full length portrait of beautiful young woman in stockings sitting on bedImage Source: cfile26.uf.tistory.

4. Your Skin is Dry, Dry and Very Dry
No amount of moisturizer or lip balm is going to help. You spend hundreds of bucks on a moisturizer, but they ditch you in the mid. What to do? Just accept the white patches as your own.

awkward-situations-women-face-in-winters4Image Source: beautypunk

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5. You Wear Too many Clothes That It’s Difficult for You to Move…or Pee!
You’re feeling comfy in dozens of clothes you’re wearing. But then, you hear the nature calling. You rush to the bathroom, but it’s taking too long to remove your pants. Why? Cause of the layers!

MILAN, ITALY - JANUARY 17: Diletta Bonaiuti, Giorgia Tordini, Giulia Tordini, Gilda Ambrosio outside Missoni during Milan Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016/17 on January 17, 2016, in Milan, Italy (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)Image Source: 0.tqn

6. Your Nipples Will Always Say Hi to the People
They have to interrupt every conversation by showing abrupt erections. If all these things happen to you, then you’re not alone. We feel you!

awkward-situations-women-face-in-winters6Image Source: typeset

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