6 Common Contact Lens Mistakes That Can Affect Your Eyes

Contact Lens Mistake

After wearing glasses for so long, we all wish to upgrade to contact lenses. Well, wearing contact lens is not an easy task as it involves a lot of work. And if you are new to wearing lenses or not, there are few contact lens mistakes that you should completely avoid in order to maintain your eye health.

1. Sleeping with lenses on

 Sleeping with lenses onImage Source: shape

Never ever sleep with your lenses on as it can affect your eyes badly. It can lead to various eye problems like infections, loss of vision, and in the worst-case scenario, dried lenses getting stuck to your eye. So, always make sure that you keep your lens case next to you as a reminder to remove your lenses.

2. Swimming with lenses on

Swimming with lenses onImage Source: popsugar-assets

This is something which brings us to another dilemma. Many swimming enthusiasts wish to look clear underwater but, unfortunately, you cannot use the lens for this purpose. In general, swimming pools are the breeding ground of various bacteria which can lead to serious eye infections when they come in contact with your lens.

3. Wearing them for a longer period

Wearing them for a longer periodImage Source: hospitaldeolhos

While you can ideally wear lenses for a whole day but sometimes there are chances that it might get a little bit dry which can lead to irritation and it is the time when you need to remove them immediately. Various environmental factors like humidity, dust, etc. can affect the amount of time to wear lenses. So, it is advised that whenever your eyes feel irritated, remove your lenses and wear glasses.

4. Applying makeup before wearing lenses

Applying makeup before wearing lensesImage Source: com

It is considered ideal to wear lenses before applying makeup or take them off before cleaning. By using this trick, you keep your lenses clean and avoid the chances of makeup residue sticking on it. Besides this, always be extra cautious while doing eye makeup to make sure that the makeup tools and products don’t affect your lenses.

5. Handling lenses unhygienically

 Handling lenses unhygienicallyImage Source: eyeluxoptometry

This is pretty obvious one, but it is also important to keep your hands dry and clean while wearing and removing your lens. Unhygienic handling of the lens can make it more prone to bacteria and dirt which can later affect your eye health.

6. Not replacing them on time

 Not replacing them on timeImage Source: tnews

Another common mistake that most people make is not replacing their lenses on time and using them over the intended time. There are chances it might also lead to various infections. So, always make sure that you change your lenses on time and if daily disposable lenses seem inconvenient to you, then try opting for the monthly ones.

So, these were the few contact lens mistakes that you should avoid to maintain eye health.