6 Myths About HIV/ AIDS That You Should Know!



HIV/AIDS is often considered as a contagious disease in our society. Most of the people believe that by sitting together or sharing food with an HIV positive person, the chances of getting the infection is increased. But it’s not true. Besides this, there are some common myths associated with HIV/AIDS that are still prevailing in the society. But as an educated person, it is our duty to abolish such beliefs. So, with the World AIDS day just around, we have listed some common myths about HIV/AIDS that one should know.

1. Sharing foods with HIV/AIDS people spread diseases

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HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) does not survive for a longer period of time when exposed to the environmental situation. But most of the people believe that HIV can spread from one person to another by sharing food which is actually a myth. The HIV virus can only survive inside the body. HIV patients are normal being like us but they just require some extra care.

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2. Only sex workers suffer from AIDS

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Most people think that only sex workers are prone to get infected with HIV. Just because they change their partner daily and are involved in unprotected sex. And if you also think the same then you are absolutely wrong. HIV can occur to any person, it does not matter if you are engaged in a sexual activity or not. Still, it is advised that you should take necessary precautions to lower the risk of HIV, STD (Sexually transmitted diseases) and unwanted pregnancy.

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3. Person suffering from HIV/AIDS die soon

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This is the most common myth that a person suffering from HIV/AIDS die soon which is actually a wrong belief. With the advancement of technology and science, person suffering from HIV can also lead a normal life and can even have a proper life span. They just need a proper medication and that’s all. But if the person is not treated on time then there are chances of him/her suffering from extreme effects of AIDS.

4. HIV/ AIDS is only caused because of sex

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Another common myth about HIV is that it is only caused if you are indulged in a sexual activity. Yes, we agree that unprotected sex can lead to HIV but it can also get transmitted through blood transfusion. Apart from this, you can acquire it from an organ transplant and many more. So, this means that there are many other ways through which you can get infected from this disease.

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5. Being around HIV positive people spreads infection

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HIV is not a contagious disease like flu or cold. This virus is only active inside the body of a person as it cannot survive outside. So, it is completely fine if you are sharing food, moving around or hugging a person affected by HIV.

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6. AIDS spread through mosquito bites

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AIDS is a disease which is considered as the final stage for the person infected with HIV. And it is a wrong belief that it is caused by mosquito bites. Just because it sucks blood from our veins does not mean that it will inject the blood of the last person in our veins.

So, these were the few myths about HIV/AIDS which are prevailing in the society. And being a responsible citizen, it is our duty to make people aware about such false beliefs and to make this world a better place for the people suffering from this infection.


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