6 Waxing Tricks You Need To Know Right Now


No one can decide what’s best for you. This applies even when we are talking about body hair as well. It is a personal choice whether you want to get rid of the hair or not. But in case you decide to get rid of them there are certain tricks that you must be aware of. Here are the 6 waxing tricks you need to know right now.

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1. Stretch before going for a bikini wax- If and when you decide to get a bikini wax make sure you stretch your body or go to a yoga class before heading to the appointment. This will be a great help since you need to pose pretty awkwardly while getting your hair removed down under. The more flexible you are the easier it would be for the professional to get the work done neatly and quickly. The faster the process gets done the less painful it will be.

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2. Let the wax cool down a bit- When trying to do your bikini line you need to be extra cautious of the temperature of the wax. Even when you check the temperature of the wax on your hand and you feel that the wax is just warm, it can still be very hot for your private parts. When you apply hot wax on your sensitive parts it may also take off some of the skin from that part as well. So you definitely need to be extra careful.

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3. Take a pain killer- If you are too sensitive and it gets really hard for you to bear the pain at all then you can take an over the counter painkiller 30 minutes prior to the appointment. This will minimise the pain to some extent but don’t expect a 100% painless experience.

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4. Exfoliate- This one is important either if you are shaving or waxing. Scrubbing and exfoliation take away the dead skin sitting on the skin’s surface. Getting rid of the dead skin ensures that all the hair is completely exposed at the surface and it also reduces the chances of getting ingrown hair if you are shaving.

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5. Let the hair grow- When your hair starts growing back after you get them waxed, even the smallest hair may seem like the most unpleasant sight. You want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Well, you can get rid of them but only when they are at least a quarter inch long. Hair smaller than that are really tough to remove and will not come out with the wax. Thus you have to wait for the hair to grow longer and then you can get them waxed.

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6. Stick to just waxing– Once you get your skin waxed then you must stick to it. Shaving your skin will lead to a thicker and much faster growth. On the other hand, when you wax your body regularly the hair growth starts to get reduced with time and you don’t feel the pain excruciating anymore.

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