6 Weird Uses Of Clove Oil You Didn’t Know


Two of the most important uses of cloves in our household is either cooking or during worship rituals. But apart from these, there are several weird ways in which you can use cloves and clove oil. Here are some of the weird uses of clove oil you probably didn’t know.

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1. Energy booster- Are you feeling lazy lately? Keep a bottle of clove oil handy with you. Whenever you feel that your energy level is dipping, just add a drop of the clove oil to your tea or coffee and then drink it. You will notice a huge difference in your energy level immediately.

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2. Room freshener- Did you know that at the very moment (most probably) you have one of the best room freshener lying in your house? Clove oil makes for a cheap and best alternative to expensive room fresheners you get in the market. All you have to do is mix the clove oil with water and spray it like a normal room freshener. Your room may not smell like exotic fruits and flowers, but it will take away all the bad odour from the room.

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3. Eradicate odour from the kitchen- Kitchen is one place which is consumed by all sorts of odours. All this smells combined may end up smelling very bad, but you can easily get rid of it. all you have to do is boil 10-12 cloves in a pot filled with water. Allow the bad odour along the steam to evaporate.

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4. Clean thermos/flasks- If the thermos and flasks are used regularly then soon they will start to smell bad and funky. If it is the same with your flask/thermos, then after washing it place a few cloves inside it. the smell will vanish on its own.

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5. Improved skin- Clove oil is antibacterial in nature and thus can be used to get rid of skin related issues such as acne and skin infections, etc. You can dilute the clove oil with water and then apply it on the affected area twice a day. Apply the clove oil with a light hand as it is very concentrated in nature and too much of it can damage your skin.

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6. To keep your garden bug free- People often use chemical sprays to keep their lawns and gardens bugs free. But instead of doing this, all you should do is plant clove plants in your garden. The clove plant will ensure that there are no bugs or insects in your garden.

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