7 Beauty Benefits of Multani Mitti That You Should Know


India is a country which is rich in using various herbal remedies for treating various health, skin, and hair related issues. And when we talk about maintaining the beauty, well there are a number of natural ingredients that we can use. Today, in this article, we are going to talk about one such effective ingredient. Multani mitti or fuller’s earth is a very popular skin care ingredient which is used for years for treating various skin-related problems. Besides this, it also has various beauty benefits that most of us are not aware of. So, here are some beauty benefits of Multani mitti that you should know.

1. Prevents signs of aging

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It is believed that Multani mitti has anti-aging properties that can help in making your skin youthful and beautiful. For this, you just need to mix Multani mitti with a tablespoon of curd and an egg. After that, apply this mixture to your face and allow it sit for an hour. Then, wash off your skin with normal water. Regular use of this pack can effectively reduce wrinkles and fine lines and also, helps in skin tightening.

2. Boosts blood circulation in the skin

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The Multani mitti has such chemical composition that it helps in improving the blood circulation in the skin. And because of this, you end up feeling fresher as your body functions much better than the usual. Plus, this improvement in blood circulation also helps in the removal of dead skin from your body to provide you with a natural glow.

3. Treats pimples and acne

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Acne and pimples are the most common problems faced by the teenagers. At this age, using various cosmetics products is strongly prohibited. And in such case, the best way to treat this skin condition is by using Multani mitti face pack. Just mix rose water, lemon juice, Multani mitti, and sandalwood powder in a bowl. Now, apply this paste to your face and allow it to sit for an hour and rinse off.

4. Helps in reducing excess oil

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If you are a person with an oily skin then, Multani mitti is something that you need. It not only makes your skin clean and clear but also reduces the excess secretion of oil from your skin. Just mix Multani mitti with some rose water and form a paste. Then, apply this paste to your face and allow it to sit for a while till it gets dry.

5. Perfect as a body wash

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It contains therapeutic properties which makes it an ideal body wash. And to get most of it, you just need to add some turmeric powder, oatmeal powder, sandalwood powder, and neem powder to the Multani mixture. After mixing all the ingredients, add some milk to the blend to get a smooth consistency. Now, use this blend as a body wash on a regular basis to get a beautiful skin.

6. Prevents tanning and pigmentation

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There are many girls who suffer skin tanning due to the exposure to the sun. But, you can easily repair the damage by using Multani mitti. You just need to mix equal amount of coconut oil, sugar and Multani mitti in a bowl and form a paste. Now, apply this blend to your face and allow it to sit for 20 minutes. Then, wash off the skin with warm water.

7. Hair care

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If you think that Multani mitti is only beneficial for your skin, then you should know that it is also beneficial for your mane as it helps in making your hair silky and beautiful. For this, you need to soak 1/3rd of Multani mitti with 2/3rd cups of water by keeping it undisturbed for 3 hours. Now, apply that paste to your mane as a shampoo.

So, these were the few beauty benefits of Multani mitti.

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