7 Genius Ways to Make Your House Clean This Diwali

home cleaning on diwali
Home Cleaning on Diwali

Diwali is here and most of us have already geared up to do all the cleaning tasks for the festival. Diwali always means ‘Safayi Andolan’ for our typical Indian family. During this time of the year, even the youngest member of the family is seen with a dust cloth or a broom in action. We clearly remember, how our mother used to assign the task of dusting the windows before Diwali. And this year, we are already very familiar with this hygiene and cleanliness due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To make your house-cleaning task a bit easier this year, we’ve compiled these simple cleaning hacks for you.

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1. To Clean the Window Grills and Blinds
Blinds and the curves of the window grills accumulate a lot of dirt over the year. Cleaning these curved grills and the inner folds of blinds regularly is a herculean task. So, to make the most dreaded task of the year a bit easier, you can try this simple trick. Grab a pair of kitchen tongs. Wrap a dust rag on its each end. Start cleaning the inner folds with the tongs. Tada, your blinds will be cleaner than ever.

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2. Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans catch a lot of dirt and grime over the course of time. sometimes, this dirt often falls off your fan while it’s working. So, don’t let your precious furniture get dirtied by the dirty fan. Cleaning the fan can be messy as it precociously decorates the person who’s cleaning the fan as well. To prevent the mess, you can clean your ceiling fans with the help of your old pillowcases. Open your pillowcase and wipe the blades of the fan with it so that the dust falls inside the pillowcase and not on your furniture or floor.

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3. Laptop/ Computer
You can use the baby wipes or paper towels to clean your computer or laptop. You can also use the sticky notes to clean the dirt that builds up between the keys of the keyboard. This will clean your keyboard without making any damage to the parts. Use a soft face towel to clean the LCD screen.

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4. Television Screen
Don’t use the dirty cloth to clean the dirt off the LCD screen. This will lead to irreversible scratches. You can dampen a soft cotton cloth with a fabric softener to clean your TV screen without any scratch.

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5. Glass Tables, Windows and Mirror
You can prepare a DIY glass cleaning liquid at home. In a spray bottle, mix 1 part of fabric softener with 4 parts of water. Shake it well to mix the contents. Spray the solution directly on the glass or the cloth to clean the articles.

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6. Chandeliers and Lamps
You need to be very careful while cleaning the chandeliers and lamps. They are highly fragile. You can wear gloves while cleaning them. Dip the soft washcloth in some warm water and wipe off the glass parts. Unplug the lamp before cleaning to avoid electric shock.

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7. Windows Sill
Sometimes, the dust gets collected in the crevices of the window sill. It is impossible for a cloth to reach there. You can use spare paintbrushes to draw the dust out of those corners. You can also dip your brush in a cleaning liquid so that the dust particles cling to the paintbrush.

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