7 Reasons Why We LOVE Ranveer Singh So Much!


There is no doubt that the Befikre star is ruling the Bollywood nowadays. He is setting new boundaries and guidelines for stardom in a stupendous manner. Stress your mind and come with a single name of an actor who is as downright honest and bubbly as Ranveer Singh is? No one! He’s fearless. He shoos away criticism like any other small talk. He doesn’t care what people think about him. These are only a few of many reasons why girls are head over heels in love with Ranveer Singh.

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Let us check out what are the others…

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1. He Mocks Himself Without Any Shame
Not everyone possesses this talent of making people laugh at yourself. He never takes opinions too seriously. This is the reason why he hardly has any rival in Bollywood. You might not like Ranveer Singh, but you can never have a single reason to hate him.

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2. He Wears Just Anything with Attitude
His style statement extrudes his notion, whatever you wear, wear it with panache. He doesn’t care what people might think about him. He’s happy being comfortable in his own skin. His confidence, and not his clothes, is responsible for his sex appeal both on and off-screen.

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3. His Clothes are Not for Weak Hearted
One will not appreciate Ranveer Singh’s closet if he has sensitive eyes. They are jazzy, sassy and everything you don’t see very often. They are everything but boring. He will wear an oversized coat with a skirt just for the shoot that demands. Luckily enough, everything looks awesome on him!

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4. He’s Friendly with His Girlfriend’s Ex, Ranbir Kapoor
He has no qualms about being friends with his girlfriend’s ex, Ranbir Kapoor. He recently appeared in a public show, Koffee with Karan with Ranbir Kapoor. He, in fact, addressed Ranbir Kapoor as a great actor. There was no sign of the bitter relationship between the duo on the show.

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5. He’s More Than Just an Actor
He doesn’t act. He lives the character. This is quintessential in a Bollywood movie. He’s crazy and flashy. But you cannot undermine the fact that he did a fabulous job as Bajirao in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani.

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6. He’s a Total Sport
We can never miss an Award function where Ranveer Singh is scheduled for hosting. His sense of humour is always on point. We remember at a promotional event of Befikre, Ranveer Singh challenged Baba Ramdev for push-ups in his formal suit. When he saw, he’s going to lose, he took no second longer to acknowledge Baba Ramdev’s Yoga prowess.

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7. He Doesn’t Have Rivals
Bollywood is full of cold wars between the stars. Celebrity feuds are just not the cup of tea for our Bubbly Mr. Singh. He never shies away from acknowledging the work done by other actors. He never responds coldly to the remarks put on him by his competitors.

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