7 Common Reasons Why Husbands are Unhappy in Their Marriage!


Marriage is an institution which requires efforts from both the sides involved. But sometimes, despite the efforts, some loopholes are left behind which can make either of the two unhappy in the marriage. The marriage experts believe that even the happiest of the couple can grow unhappy in a marriage due to misunderstandings or monotony. Here are some of the reasons why men are unhappy in their marriage.

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1. Lack of Appreciation
When two people get used to each other, they become too comfortable around each other. This is the point of where the need of appreciation arises. Your husband is not a mind-reader, don’t expect him to know the things you never said. He walks into the house and you handle him the list of things that need to be done. Are you into doing this? All these small things hurt men more than they show. Be a little appreciative of the things he did right.

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2. Not Having Fun Together
When you were dating, there were a lot of fun elements in your relationship. But as soon as you got hitched, you stopped enjoying each other’s company. Collaborate in some fun activities apart from your usual household chores. Go out on romantic dates with him. Or you can play some intimate games in the bedroom to spice up your chemistry with him.

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3. Always Talking About Kids
It’s true that kids are now an important part of your life. But talking 24×7 about them can be a little tedious. Keeping your kids aside, you both are couples. While trying to be a good mom, don’t forget to be a good wife. Once putting your kids to sleep, it should be only you and your husband. Talk about light topics.

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4. Not Paying Attention to Romance
Romance is an important element of a marriage. No matter how long it has been to your marriage, the love shouldn’t die. Most of the men complain that their wife is no longer a romantic person after the marriage. It can true that you’re already stuck with so many things in your life. But pause and don’t forget to love him.

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5. Not Having Sex at All
It is obvious that frequent sessions of a couple reduce to a weekly endeavour once they hit their first marriage anniversary. But don’t let this happen to your marriage. Whether you acknowledge or not, sex is an important element of a relationship. Depriving your man of sex is downrightly rude.

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6. Not Speaking Up
If there’s something about your husband that is bothering you, or you’re unhappy about his contribution in the household chores, speak up to him. Many husbands complain that their wives don’t speak up about the things they don’t like about them. Communication is the key. Ask for his help when needed.

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7. Creating Unnecessary Differences
In a relationship, differences should be cherished. But creating a completely different way of life is like inviting the arguments. Make a joint effort to stay on the same page. If any of your habits is creating too much trouble in your marriage, drop it straight away.

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