7 Reasons Why Women Wear Makeup


Enough debates and discussions have been done on ‘makeup’. Women who wear makeup on a day to day basis have been generalized as females who are not confident in their skin or are trying to be like some other person because they are ashamed of their own identity. To me, none of these (and much more) is a valid objection because so what if a girl feels a little better when she has makeup on. Maybe she is not confident enough to face the world with her acne and makeup gives her the confidence to go out and enjoy herself a little. And this lack of confidence is also because of the people who could not hold but tell her that her face is a mess; as if she is not aware of it. In both the cases that poor girl is made to feel bad about herself. So why not do what you love, be yourself and let the world judge you (which is going to happen either way).

So today we are going to tell people that why do we (women) love to wear makeup. (And no, we don’t wear it for men. Period.)

1. It boosts confidence- For many women makeup acts as a confidence booster. They can’t even think of leaving their house without putting on makeup. In fact, there have been cases where women don’t even let anyone see them without their makeup on, not even their husbands. But it is not the same for every woman and the above mentioned is the most extreme case of makeup obsession. But a lot of women accept that makeup helps them feel more confident. Now for some women, just mascara and a little dab of lip gloss is enough to upscale their confidence, while on the other hand some women need to put a full face of makeup before heading out. Thus, the amount of makeup required to boost the confidence may vary greatly.

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2. To look older- Everyone would totally agree with me on this that makeup can change your whole appearance and some people use to do the same. Teenage girls or girls with a baby face use makeup to look older and mature.

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3. To look younger- Just the way makeup can makeup can make you look older it can also make you look younger than you actually are. If you know the tips and tricks, then you can easily make yourself look younger with makeup. There are also certain cosmetics which help in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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4. To achieve a clear complexion- With makeup, you can easily cover up the complexion issues which you may have. From acne to dark circles to uneven skin tone; makeup can help you cover up all your skin related problems. If you know how to do it, you can easily fake a clear skin which is free of any blemishes and discolouration.

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5. To look different- When you are going to a special event you want to look different. Though not a completely different person but a better version of yourself. The only thing that can help you achieve that is makeup. For one occasion you can go for red lips and nude eyes and for the other day you can go for nude lips and bright eyes. You can decide what looks good on you and then go for that look. When it comes to makeup looks sky is the limit for you.

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6. To enhance beauty- Makeup doesn’t really have to be used for changing the complete appearance of your face or to transform you into some other person. It can also be used for enhancing your best features. If you have very dreamy eyes, make them appear even better by focusing your makeup on just your eyes or if you have beautiful lips divert all the attention towards them.

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7. It is so much fun- Makeup is like an art and like every art form this too is a lot of fun. With makeup, you can try out so many different looks, transform yourself into a completely different person, and look different from the previous day and so much more. With time and patience anyone can learn this art and if something goes wrong, all you have to do is wash your face and start again.

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