7 Reasons Why You’re Still Single


While being in a relationship is, a status symbol these days, there are the other types of people who are still single. Amongst them, some are single by choice, while the rest of them are still not able to find the cause. Don’t stress your mind too much. Here are few reasons why some people always find themselves in search of a partner. Check them out…

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1. You’re waiting for someone beyond perfect.
Well, Brad Pitt won’t be waiting for you to come and sweep him off his feet. Get out of your virtual world and have some reality check. If you’ve prepared a checklist of what all qualities you want in your life partner, then tear it away and burn it to ashes. There’s no such thing as perfection. Stop dreaming about a prince, because he isn’t coming.

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2. You can’t understand intimacy.
Things can be in both ways, either you’re too eager or you’re too shy. The mere thought of holding hands with someone gives you chills. Or you’re too eager. You just want to move things too fast, this intimidates the person and he leaves. You need to learn to trust people and let go as well.

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3. You leave people without an answer.
You talk to someone; you talk a lot and then suddenly you fall out of interest with him. You completely ghost him. You’ve been alone for so long now that detachment and self-sufficiency have become a part and parcel of your life. You ghost on people without giving any legit reason. People think that you’re fickle and flaky. Even if you’re no longer interested in a person, you can keep the conversation going. Step out if you’re being stalked.

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4. Deep inside you’re happy to be single.
You’re approaching people and going on dates because your friends think it is cool. But you actually don’t want to enter in any romantic relationship. Maybe, at the right time, you will feel the urge to be with someone who’ll complete you. But don’t settle for the one you don’t deserve.

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5. You enjoy your company too much.
You are so used to be on yourself, that a mere thought of sharing your food with someone else haunts you. Stop being inside your cocoon. Step out and socialize with people. People don’t bite, really!

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6. You’re too busy with your job.
Most of the people are so busy with their 9 to 5 desk job that they hardly find time to notice people. They are too ambitious and they don’t find time for anything else. But don’t let your career come to you and your love life. You can socialize with your colleagues. Believe me, nothing beats office romance.

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7. Your friend circle is awesome
It is very good to have nice friends. But remember, a friend and a date, both have different purposes in our life. You’re so busy partying with your friends that you hardly find time to think about your single-dom. Don’t ditch your friends completely. But socialize with other people as well to find your prospective date.

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