7 Styling Tricks To Hide That Bulging Belly Like A Pro


Every girls’ worst nightmare is only that belly bulge, that she wishes to vanish in just one night! No matter how comfortable we try to look and feel in our skin, but you can’t deny the fact that every girl desires to have a flat tummy at all times.

But unfortunately, not everyone’s that lucky to have a flat tummy. Some people have a gift of staying constant their whole life, even without doing any hard work to get that perfect shape of their body. But for those who don’t, they have to follow strict diets and workout routines to get those fabulously toned abs or flat tummy!

But, let’s get real guys! It’s hard to hide those ugly looking muffin top, peeking out of your belly. Need not worry ladies, you are not alone in this situation, there are many more that joins the same club.

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Follow these amazing tips & tricks that will surely help you hide that bulging belly.

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1. Avoid Wearing Waist Belts
Adding a belt to your outfits will only draw attention towards your bulging belly instead of creating a distraction. Though, body accentuating dresses might make you look slimmer from the side angles, but they still won’t be able to hide your peeking tummy.
Instead, you can go for those dresses with belts located right above the belly and below the chest. That will definitely divert the attention from your love handles.

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2. Layer Up Those Muffins
Unbuttoned layers add height to your look and will successfully hide those muffin tops, without letting them peek out. Wear asymmetrical designs to create a distraction and you can also wear vertical lining tops or dresses or shear fabrics.

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3. Shapewear To The Rescue!
You might feel like by wearing a shapewear you are adding layers to the other body parts unnecessarily, but that’s not true! Shapewear actually helps flatten your bulging tummy, which can be great for those evening parties especially. They come in different shapes and sizes and patterns as well, but it is up to you to make your smart choice as per the outfit you are planning to wear later.

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4. Let Those Shirts Fly Lose!
Maybe it’s in trend to tuck in your shirt for now, but trust us, this will do no good for you! In fact, tucking in your shirt will only make it look worse. You surely don’t wanna end up looking like Hobo, so it’s better you buy waist-length shirts.

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5. Skip Those Clingy & Body Fit Clothes
If you really want your belly fat to stay hidden, then wearing body fit outfits is not the right choice for you. In fact, you can try those flowy and bouncy kinda dresses for a more cutesy and confident look.

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6. Straighten Up Your Body Posture
You might have got scolded for this like a million time at least, from your mother in your growing years, to sit straight up without slouching. Yes girls, slouching affects the muscles by forcing them to come together at one place, and popping that belly out unnecessarily!
Old habits die hard, but if you want for your belly to grow out any further, then you have to improve your posture, for the sake of your belly.

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7. Know Suitable Fabrics, Colors & Patterns For You!
Usually, people are seen focusing on black, especially when they trying to hide their belly. Because black color creates an illusion of a slimmer figure and helps you hide that bulging belly without much of a fuss.
Opt for vertical patterns and keep it classy rather than too much color or just keeping it all simple at once. Even monochrome dress ups help to give you taller look and successfully distracts the mind from that muffin top.

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