Your Elder Sister is Getting Married? You Can Relate to These 7 Cute Things


This is the happiest moment for a girl when she gets to know that her older sister is getting married. But soon you realize that she will move away to a new house, and you will be left all alone. At this time you try to keep all your emotions aside and start preparing for your sister’s wedding. And being a little sis, you will try to help out your sister at every step until her special day. But some things you, being a little sis, will relate to, are a bit hilarious.

So, here are the few things, that every little sister related to when their older sister is getting married.

1. You are sad because you are going to lose your best friend

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As soon as you realize that your sister is getting married you feel sad that you are going to lose your best friend with whom you have shared every secret since childhood. And suddenly her being not around you can also make you deeply sad.

2. At the same time you are happy to get your own room

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You have waited for this moment for so long. Now, you can have your own room with full closet space and you can do whatever you want as you own the room now.

3. You both are going to have a long shopping list

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The wedding is all about shopping. With every passing day the shopping list and budget of both of you will start increasing as you both want to look fab during the wedding functions.

4. Everyone at the wedding will keep telling you that you’re next.

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This is a common comment that every little sis hears on her sister’s wedding day. All of sudden you become a big girl for your relatives and sometimes these silly comments can irritate you.

5. You will start to panic as there will be no one to cover for you.

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Till now you had your sister but later there will be no one to cover up for you as your sis will move away. And there are chances that your some your secrets might spill out.

6. You will start dreaming about the gifts that you are going to get soon.

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After your sister’s wedding you are bound to get some amazing gifts from your jiju and with this, you will also get another person to spoil you.

7. You will feel happy and sad at the same time once your sister is gone.

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This is obvious that you are going to feel sad that your sister is going away from you but at the same time, you are happy that finally, she has found a perfect companion and sweet family with whom she is going to lead her life.

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