7 Ways Facebook Is Ruining Your Relationship


Having a third party always sabotage your relationship. Be it a person, thing or a social media platform. Yes, you read it right. Sadly, social media has taken up too much space in our life that our life revolves around a status update.

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Surely, Facebook is a useful platform to reconnect with your old friends and make some new. But we should define the boundaries for our Facebook usage. It shouldn’t be more than a means of interaction. Sometimes, we get so bedazzled by its glamour that we forget the difference between real and unreal.

Here are few ways Facebook has been ruining our personal relationships since 2004.

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1. Watching Happy Couples on Facebook Makes Us Feel Inferior
People often see the PDA posts made by some couples and then expect their partners to behave in the same manner. The idealized view of relationships on Facebook is just a virtual world. The Relationship goals on Facebook are unreal and unobtainable.

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2. Posting Too Much on Facebook Can Cause Conflicts
There should be a limit to what you’re posting on Facebook. There is a weird trend going on; people share almost every single thing they do, on Facebook. If you’re in a relationship, don’t post each and every detail of your love life on Facebook. Let some things remain private.

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3. People Check on Facebook More Than They Check On Their Partners
This is an issue which is coming out too often. One partner feels ignored because the other half is busy updating and checking his Facebook. When you’re together, you shouldn’t be checking your phones at the first place.

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4. Continuous Interaction with exes can create a wedge between couples
Facebook is a funny place. You have to see the people daily whom you don’t want to. This leads to unwanted interactions. You can face brand new dilemmas when you communicate with your ex more than required. If you’re an ardent Facebook user, then it is better that you block your ex from all the social platforms.

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5. Friend Requests from Old Love Can Lead to Affairs
Couples go through self-created turbulence when they interact with their old crushes on Facebook. They think it might be just for fun, but sometimes it leads to serious distractions. In a relationship, you should be more connected to your partner rather than flirting around.

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6. Facebook Makes Recovery Even Harder After Cheating
Even when the platform is being used very mildly and harmlessly, it makes it very difficult for the couple to come out of the rough patch. This site has always contributed to suspicion and bad memories of being betrayed. Stay away from Facebook while trying to recover through a rough patch in your relationship.

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7. Checking Facebook While in Bed Can Hamper Intimacy
If you use your Facebook while being in bed with your partner, then this can damage your relationship more than you can ever imagine. You should indulge in some conversations with your partner instead of being engrossed in other’s personal life. You should never take your phone to your bed when you’re living with your partner.

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