8 Perks of Marrying Your Best Friend


Are you going to spend your entire life with your best friend? Then let me tell you you’re going to do the best thing of your life. You can be totally stupid with your best friend and he’s not going to judge you. You know each other like the back of your hand. Besides these, there are many other benefits you have when you marry your best friend.

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1. No Shocks, No Surprises!
There’s nothing left for you to hide from each other. You know each other so well. You can endure their worst faux pas and same goes for them. You know each other’s best kept secrets and cracking lame jokes with your husband can never be this fun.

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2. You Both Know How to Keep Each Other Happy
No matter how crappy your day was at your workplace or you had a little tiff with your mother-in-law, your bestie, err… husband know how to cheer you up. As soon as you see him, your stress vanishes away in just seconds. You can talk to him like he’s your girlfriend. You can bitch about that girl you don’t like at your office and he’ll listen.

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3. You Can Criticize Each Other
You don’t take criticism otherwise. You know that your partner is just wishing the best for you and the criticism is for your own good. You don’t feel a part of intimacy missing between you. Transparency is the best sort of intimacy you can have with your partner. It tells how compatible you both are.

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4. You Don’t Need Special Arrangements to Make Your Moments Count
Candlelight dinners and romantic getaways are for the cheesy couples. You both enjoy the moment in the regular lunch had together. You both can just spend the whole Sunday sitting on the couch and fighting over a cup of coffee. Even petty fights seem to be romantic with him.

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5. No Trust Issues
You trust each other completely. Obviously, he’s your best friend. And you know that you can bare your soul and he’s not going to hurt you. You know everything about him and can’t keep secrets from him. Same goes with him. Trust and understanding are what makes a relationship long lasting.

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6. He’s Your Support System
You don’t need to look anywhere else when you’re breaking down emotionally. He’s always having your back. No one can ever defeat you when you have your best friend as your husband by your side. He handles you in your worst and still think that you’re the most wonderful woman on this planet.

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7. You Never Run Out of Topics to Talk About
This is so true! You can jabber about random things of some parallel universe with him all the night. You don’t need to chat with your girlfriends on the phone to vent out your feelings. This is why you both can’t get enough of each other ever!

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8. Insecurity? What is it?
Most of the relationship these days suffer from this deadly Disease-Insecurity. Insecurity slowly eats up the bond between two people. But when we’re talking about two best friends brought together by the sacred bond of marriage, insecurity has no place. You know that you’re his best friend and no one can ever hurt his best friend, intentionally at least. He’s going to be by your side like he did all the time before marriage.

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