8 Rare UNSEEN Pictures of Deepika Padukone Before She Became a Superstar!


Deepika Padukone, it’s more than just a name. It has become a brand, the face of Indian Cinema. If it’s a Deepika Padukone movie, it’s definitely going to be a blockbuster. But the Deepika before becoming a brand name, was something we haven’t seen so far. No doubt, she was as beautiful as she is now. We can clearly see that the dusky actress hasn’t gone under the knife to make her debut in Bollywood. Her dusky complexion and sharp features are just as attractive as they were before. So, let’s rewind the time and have a look at Deepika unvisited.

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1. Deepika Padukone in Himesh Reshamiya’s Naam Hai Tera Video
Remember the tall girl dancing along with Himesh in the music video, Naam Hai Tera. She was none other than Deepika. She credits Himesh for bringing her face on the television for the first time. After this venture, Farah Khan gave her the perfect launch with Om Shanti Om.

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Image Source: youtube

2. Deepika Padukone with her Mains!
Let’s introduce you with Deepika Padukone’s pillars of life, her family. Prakash Padukone, who needs no introduction is the beloved father of our dimply beauty. Sitting next to Prakash Padukone is her mother, Ujjala Padukone. She is a travel agent by profession. The younger sister of Deepika, Anisha Padukone is a golf player.

UNSEEN Pictures of Deepika Padukone1Image Source: lightscamerabollywood

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3. Deepika Padukone with Soha Ali Khan at the First Tata Badminton Open Tournament
Deepika Padukone was spotted with the Pataudi Princess, Soha Ali Khan at the First Tata Badminton Open Tournament. The beautiful actresses competed against each other at the Tournament held in Mumbai in 2008.

UNSEEN Pictures of Deepika Padukone2Image Source: fridaymagazine

4. Deepika Padukone Playing Badminton with her Father, Prakash Padukone
Ever since she was born, Deepika was a daddy’s daughter. She is closer to her dad than anyone else in her family. Since her childhood, badminton was at the centre of her dreams. But she always felt a strong urge to pursue her career as an actress.

UNSEEN Pictures of Deepika Padukone3Image Source: lightscamerabollywood

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5. Deepika Padukone During her Modelling Time
She started her modelling career with a fashion show at the National Law School, Bangalore. Over the years, she appeared in the modelling assignments of Liril, Dabur, Close-up, etc. At quiet a young age, she became the international spokesperson of the cosmetics brand, Maybelline.

UNSEEN Pictures of Deepika Padukone4Image Source: moviereviewpreview

6. Family Time
Deepika Padukone is a loving daughter as she was portrayed in the movie, Piku. She keeps her family together. For her, everything else comes after her family. She believes that her mother is the real hero, the backbone of her family.

UNSEEN Pictures of Deepika Padukone5Image Source: ytimg

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7. Deepika Padukone in a Kannada Movie, Aishwarya
You will be surprised to know that the actress started her career with a Kannada movie, Aishwarya in 2006. Her next big south Indian venture was an animated movie, Kochadaiiyaan opposite the living legend, Rajnikanth.

UNSEEN Pictures of Deepika Padukone6Image Source: grabhouse

8. Young Deepika with her Childhood Friends
Can you recognise her? Her ever-shining dimply smile can be spotted from a distance. Yes, she is the one standing the second from the left. Right from her childhood, Deepika was a bubbly girl with lots of friends.

UNSEEN Pictures of Deepika Padukone7Image Source: pinimg

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