8-Step Guide To Simply Check Your Shopping Obsession


We swear to live by this quote, “We shop to make the world better and even if I know I could give up shopping, but you know what, I’m not a quitter”!

Do you always feel the need to but new things like clothes, shoes, accessories, and anything from your makeup range? Are you always blank when it comes to getting ready for a party or that outing with your friends, thinking of how you have nothing to wear or pair up your clothes with? Does that sweet smell of new and unused things attract you like a magnet pulling the iron? Don’t worry girls, it happens to all of us too!

Well, at least to the most of us anyways. I, on the other hand, have found a perfect solution to that ex-shopping obsession of mine. And I know you must be curious to know it as well! Because who doesn’t love to do more savings than spending flawlessly on (un)necessary items that we even barely use. You always feel like your closet is actually overflowing with unused or overused clothes and you have nothing to wear.

This is your chance to get a clean slate girls!

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So, here are a few ideas that will help you to get rid of your shopping obsession, just like I did by following these simple steps. Try this guide to curb that shopping bug.

1. Simply close your eyes and take deep breathes for 10 times, whenever you spot something most pretty and irresistible. And simply walk away while doing so.

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2. Get some perception and learn to walk away from those shiny unnecessary items that you don’t even need in your life. Its either them or your life, we trust you to pick the right one for yourself girls!

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3. Even if the temptation takes over, simply ask one simple question from yourself first, that is quintessential, “If you really need it?” And this will make things so much easier for you.

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4. Now, what better idea than having that “extra” money hidden at some safe place. Maybe opening a savings account might work the best in this matter!

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5. Make a list of your essential expenditures like rent, electricity bill, utilities expense, transportation or fuel monthly charges, and any other essential billing that needs the most attention and cannot be put away. Now add 5% of your salary to it and then put the rest amount in your savings account. That’s how it’s done!

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6. Safely “deposit” your cheque books, debit and credit cards to your most trusted person, and ask them to not get caved away by your insistent pleading or begging when you are after shopping.

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7. It’s time that you kick off those unused and unnecessary things out of your closet and get a clean chit. Pick things that you use no more or things that you have no intention of using them in near future and drop them at some charity. Trust me, you will feel good for yourself!

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8. And now for the final step, sweat it all out! Yes, you must be thinking that what does working out has to do with the shopping obsession. But you do need another obsession, right! So why not pick something healthy instead, that will be good for your body and budget too.

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I am sure that you’d be wanting to let go already, and aiming on getting started with that bundle of clothes on your bed, laying there for months by now!