8 Things Your Boyfriend Finds Super Attractive About You


Being in a relationship, you must have noticed that there are certain things about you that really attracts your boyfriend. Sometimes even you yourself find these things weird about you. It can be anything from your sense of humour to your style.

Let’s have a look at some of these little things which your boyfriend finds really attractive about you.

1. The way you talk- Everyone has a different way of speaking or talking. You may think that your voice is not very sweet or you speak in a weird way, but your boyfriend thinks differently. In fact, he loves the way you talk and finds is really attractive.

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2. Your messy hair- All the time we girls fuss so much over the way our hair looks and how they don’t fall properly in a certain manner. I mean we would have hardly about our hair if it wouldn’t have been for our boyfriends. But the truth is that boys like it more when your hair are messy and effortless. Men are simple creatures and thus, believe in appreciating simple things more than anything else. But that does not mean that you should not pay any attention at all to your hair, you still want your hair to look good.

thing attract to your boyfriend2

3. Your vulnerable side- Men find strong, confident and independent women most attractive, but that does not mean that they don’t want to see the vulnerable side of you. Men are super protective towards their lady and thus, when they get to see your vulnerable side, they feel a sense a protectiveness towards you. This sense of protectiveness somehow gives them a sense of self-satisfaction and therefore they find this vulnerable side of your equally attractive.

thing attract to your boyfriend3

4. Your eyeglasses- This may not sound very convincing, but it is actually true. Boys do love it when their girlfriend wears glasses. So if you are deciding on to switching your glasses with contact lenses then it is better if you drop that idea.

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5. Your stretch marks- You may consider your stretch marks as something which degrades your beauty or something which you are very embarrassed about. But when you are with your boyfriend you don’t have to feel conscious or embarrassed about it as he is least bothered about your stretch marks. He loves you the way you are, with all your marks.

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6. Your hair up in a towel- When you are fresh out of the shower, wrapped in your bathrobe and your wet hair up in a towel, that view always make your partner skip a heartbeat. Men appreciate the simplicity and that’s what they see when you come out of the shower; without any makeup or fancy clothes. All they see is just you in your purest form and nothing could be more attractive than that.

thing attract to your boyfriend6

7. When You do your makeup- Normally we avoid doing our makeup when our boyfriend is around us. Not that he is going to say anything, but it’s just something we avoid. But did you know that your boyfriend really wants you to do makeup in front of him. The way you apply your lipstick or put on your mascara is something that your partner finds really attractive.

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8. When you wear his clothes- Maybe your boyfriend never told you this, but he really finds it very attractive when you roam in the house wearing his oversized clothes. Not just you look extremely cute, but totally irresistible too.

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